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  • 2021 March (No.193)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, March No.193Seoul Provides KRW 1 Trillion of Financial Assistance to Overcome COVID-19 Crisis Content: The Seoul Metropolitan Government, together with 25 autonomous districts, will invest a total of KRW 500 billion to provide financial assistance for small businesses, vulnerable classes and affected industries to overcome the prolonged COVID-19 crisis. Targets comprise one million businesses and individuals, and the actual scale of assistance including loans is KRW 1 trillion (USD 885 million). This is to begin as soon as April, and financial assistance will be provided sequentially for each target.The city of Seoul plans to fully execute its financial assistance as fixed cost, such as rent, is higher in Seoul and as damages on businesses have been greater in Seoul than other regions as Seoul enforced preemptive and strict disease control and prevention measures from the very start of COVID-19.COPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    홈페이지 이전뉴스레터 홈페이지 페이스북 트위터 인스타그램 유투브

    COVID-19 Vaccination for Senior Citizens Over 65 Starting in April Content: The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its action plan for COVID-19 vaccination (Q2) for its citizens, including senior citizens over 65, certain patients with chronic conditions, special education teachers, school nurses, and health care professionals. The action plan, which corresponds to the second phase of COVID-19 vaccination, is a segue from the first phase targeting vulnerable institutions and essential personnel in the field of COVID-19 treatment as well as disease control and prevention into the third phase of vaccination for the general public. As vaccination for vulnerable institutions draw to a close, vaccination for senior citizens over 65, who are more likely to develop serious illnesses upon infection, will be conducted step by step. Good Detective Campaign in Seoul to Find Neighbors in Need Content: The city of Seoul conducts the “Good Detective Campaign” that discovers the welfare blind spots with the help of its 10 million citizens so that the interest of citizens in the neighbors in need can lead to practical support. Last year, Seoul city discovered 910,000 households in crisis and supported 1.03 million cases through the paradigm shift into visiting welfare. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating the Good Detective campaign not only for discovering and supporting households in crisis and improving the welfare system, but also to vitalize the welfare support through the citizens’ participation. If you are a Seoul citizen, you can be a good detective with just a phone call when you discover a household in crisis, in need or without indication of presence. Free WiFi “Kkachi On” at 1,400 Indoor Public Facilities in Seoul Content: Now, you can use public WiFi at more than 1,400 indoor public facilities downtown Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has installed Kkachi On at 1,443 spots, adding 310 additional routers last year. The city of Seoul expects that by establishing the free public WiFi Kkachi On at indoor spaces, such as welfare facilities that are often used by the disadvantaged class of information, their burden of Internet expenses can be lessened and the gap of communication between areas and classes can be addressed.

    Level 2 Social Distancing for Two More Weeks Until Mar. 28 Seoul Recommends COVID-19 Testing for Employees in High-Risk Businesses Seoul Makes Full-Scale Launch to Establish Pedestrian-Safe Culture in 2021 Seoul Directs Efforts to Preventing Infections Among Foreign Residents Through Concentrated Preventive Measures and Testing at Three Congested Areas Seoul Installs 26 S-Poles Equipped with Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Wi-Fi and CCTV Photos of Today Bugak Skyway 웹마스터 찾아오는길