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  • 2021 January (No.191)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, January No.191Promotional Video of “Safe City Seoul” in 10 Languages with Robotics Engineer Dennis Hong The SMG released a promotional video under the theme of “Seoul, a safe city where science and humans coexist” on Thu, Jan. 14, 2021. It features a world-renowned robotics engineer Dennis Hong (Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UCLA), who was appointed as the first honorary ambassador of Seoul in the field of science, sending out the message that Seoul will be safe today and tomorrow thanks to science and the citizens who stand at the center of S-quarantine and taking on the roles of police officer, firefighter, and disinfection manager together with the robots he made. The video was created in 10 languages and released globally via the SMG’s various global social media channels. It will be used as the main promotional video for Seoul’s global events, overseas personnel exchanges and international marketing projects.

    홈페이지 이전뉴스레터 홈페이지 페이스북 트위터 인스타그램 유투브 Introduction of Safety Call for the Digitally Disadvantaged to Check Entry The SMG introduced its “Safety Call for Entry Control” services on Thu, Jan. 7, 2021, which requires only a phone call to check entry to 72 facilities mainly used by digitally disadvantaged groups who are not able to use QR codes. Each facility will be given a six-digit number (14****) and visitors can make their visit automatically recorded by calling this number. Safety Call is intended to expand the methods of entry control, added to the QR code and handwritten visitors’ log.

    “Operation of Eco-Friendly Electric Low-floor Buses in Namsan Park
내용: The SMG announced that it will replace all the green shuttle buses (27 buses of 4 routes) that go around Namsan Park with eco-friendly electric low-floor buses that emit no greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. The Namsan Park area will be reborn into a “clean air zone” without concerns about air pollution with the introduction of eco-friendly electric buses in the area. Tour buses have been banned from entering Namsan Park, which will mitigate the generation of air pollutants and particulate matter caused by the traffic of visiting diesel vehicles.

    “Ttareungi as Favorite Mode of Transportation in the COVID-19 Era with +23 Million Rentals in 2020 Ttareungi, Seoul’s public bicycle-sharing system, is an unmanned bicycle rental system that was introduced in October 2015. You can use a mobile app to find the closest rental station around Seoul, and conveniently borrow and return the bicycle after use. In 2020, the total number of its rentals increased by 24% YoY to 23.705 million. This means that each citizen of Seoul used Ttareungi more than twice. In line with this trend, the SMG has expanded the number of Ttareungi bicycles to a total of 37,500 and rental stations to a total of 3,040. The scale of the service is the largest among all local governments in the nation. The SMG also enhanced the convenience for users. It has introduced 2,000 “Saessak” Ttareungi bicycles with reduced size and weight, lowering the age limit to 13 and providing users with choices according to their age and physique. QR-type Ttareungi using IoT technology was introduced as well.
    New Year’s Address Seoul Metropolitan Government Nationwide Ban on Private Gatherings of 5 or More People Two-Week Extension of Level 2.5 Social Distancing Until Jan. 31 Four-Week Extended Operations of Temporary Screening Clinics in Seoul Photo Zone in Namsangol Hanok Village for Happy New Year’s Wishes View of Changgyeonggung Palace 웹마스터 찾아오는길