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  • 2021 F/W Seoul Fashion Week Turns Museums Into K-Fashion Runways

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    • Seoul is determined to revitalize the disrupted fashion industry through contactless 2021 F/W Seoul Fashion Week, which is kicking off from March 22 to 27
    • The show will reach out to the global audience, turning the National Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art into runways
    • Many celebrities will join the fashion week: Actress Bae Doona as an ambassador, Leenalchi and DJ Peggy Gou as the opening and finale headliners, respectively

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 8, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts 2021 F/W Seoul Fashion Week from Monday, March 22 to Saturday, March 27. The virtual fashion week will live-stream the runway, reaching out to the global audience.

    This time, the show will leave Dongdaemun Design Plaza, where it has taken place over the past seven years, to use national museums as its runways for the first time. It will send models around the Gilt-bronze Pensive Bodhisattva (National Treasure 83), the famous national treasure housed at the National Museum of Korea, and to the collections of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA). The event will be live-streamed worldwide through its Youtube channel. Other landmarks of Seoul—the Seonyudo Park and the Oil Tank Culture Park—will also be used as show stages.

    The Fashion Week’s honorary ambassador is actress Bae Doona, who achieved international fame as a muse for Louis Vuitton and a lead actress of numerous Netflix series. Promo videos and starred with Bae and key moments of the fashion show will be broadcasted at New York’s Times Square.

    The city government devised ways to revitalize the domestic fashion industry disrupted by COVID-19. It will boost sales and accessibility by holding Tradeshow, which connects local designers with global buyers through online B2B business matching, and Live Commerce, which targets general consumers.

    Online Fashion Week is not the first time for Seoul. The city government showcased digital runways last year due to the pandemic. As this is the second time for the capital, the Metropolitan government is determined to upgrade the content.

    The three main programs of 2021 F/W Seoul Fashion Week is ① Digital Fashion Show, ② Tradeshow, the online B2B business matching, ③ and Live Commerce.

    First, the runways for the Digital Fashion Show will be 100% pre-recorded. For outdoor catwalks, unconventional videos will be filmed by using drones. Leenalchi, an alternative band famous for its song “Tiger is Coming,” will perform at the opening ceremony, and DJ Peggy Gou will show her performance at the finale.

    < Seoul Collection > where 26 established designers showcase their works will be held at the National Museum of Korea, MMCA, and the Oil Tank Culture Park. < Generation Next > joined by 17 rookie designers, will use five venues alongside the Han River, including the Seonyudo Park and also studios elsewhere.

    Second, Tradeshow, which connects local designers and foreign buyers through online B2B matching, will be held from Wednesday, March 24 to Tuesday, March 30. As 75 Korean brands are participating in the event, the city government will ensure that each brand can have at least ten times of virtual meetings on average.

    Thirdly, from Monday, March 29 to Friday, April 9, Live Commerce for the general consumers will be streamed on Shopping Live, Naver’s live-streaming shopping platform. This will allows the general public to purchase items from over 60 brands at a discounted price. The Fashion Week videos will be uploaded on the Seoul Fashion Week’s website

    (http://www.seoulfashionweek.org), Youtube channel. Also, people can watch the show through other platforms, such as Naver Tv, tvN D, and TVING.

    Kim Eui-Seung, Deputy Mayor for Economic policies, said, “The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the Seoul Fashion Week as one of its major projects to promote domestic fashion industry. This year, in particular, we will attempt to marry fashion with the city, history, and culture by turning national museums into runways. We will spare no effort to promote Seoul’s city brand and to create effects in tourism and other industries in the post-COVID-19 era.