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  • 2021 April (No.194)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, April No.194Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s First Pledge to Establish a Task Force for Comprehensive Support for Single-Person Households The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be implementing an exclusive task force (TF) organization for comprehensive support for single-person households in accordance with the Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s first pledge. Mayor Oh Se-hoon emphasized in the past that single-person households, which are quickly on the rise to now make up almost 33% of households in Seoul, need comprehensive support. The new exclusive TF will become a control tower that provides comprehensive support regarding previously scattered policies dealing with housing, welfare, safety, and other areas. It will create customized projects to deal with the concerns of single-person households. Dispersed functions of offices, bureaus and headquarters will be streamlined and existing projects restructured to focus on single-person households while producing new projects for the specific needs of such households.Photos of Today Yangjaecheon StreamDownload high-resolution photos of Seoul for free!COPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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    Mobile App Services for Enhanced Subway Accessibility The Seoul Metropolitan Government is focusing on creating barrier-free open gangway subways for convenient use and guaranteed mobility rights of passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs), such as senior citizens, pregnant women, and the disabled. After selecting the destination station, the app will notify the user of the expected arrival time and the subway’s current location in real time via text or voice message. The message will also inform the user of the exits, nearest restrooms, and turnstile locations. An increased number of elevators will be installed at subway stations that require accessibility services for PRMs. All new future subway trains will be required to feature priority seating for PRMs, including wheelchair-bound passengers, and vertical handles. Exclusive Video Conference Studio “Seoul ON” Opens in DDP The Seoul Metropolitan Government opened an exclusive video conference studio “Seoul ON” in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Seoul ON is a video studio with cutting-edge equipment—from high-resolution video equipment to sound and lighting equipment as well as a 35-meter LED display exclusively for the video conferencing, the biggest of any public institution. Users can hold not only various contactless events, but also other diverse online/offline events, including talk shows, conferences, forums and lectures. With more contactless events and virtual conferences being held with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected to become Seoul’s biggest virtual conference studio. Seoul Provides Employment Subsidies to Foreign-Invested Startups The Seoul Metropolitan Government is providing employment support for the growth of startups and the cultivation of global unicorns in light of predictions that a lack of funds due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic will result in many startups on the brink of bankruptcy. The city of Seoul is subsidizing foreign-invested startups in the field of new industries (e.g. IT, biotechnology) with up to KRW 50 million each if they’ve hired more than five new employees last year with prospective employee retention. The city of Seoul eased its eligibility conditions by reducing the number of additional employment from 10 to 5 so that fledgling startups can apply and receive the subsidy.

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