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  • 2020 Seoul Design International Forum: New Design City Responding to Post-COVID

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    Seoul announced that the 2020 Seoul Design International Forum, where Korean and foreign experts who are actively working to create a sustainable society through design gather, will be taking place for two days on November 5-6, 2020. The theme of the forum is “New Design City Responding to Post-COVID,” and the “international seminar on universal design” and the “international forum on social problem-solving design,” which were held separately before, will be integrated for the first time this year.

    The “2020 Seoul Design International Forum” will be a venue where participants can discuss the values, roles, and future directions of design in our daily lives that have changed with the emergence of COVID-19.

    Additionally, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has plans to introduce its efforts and achievements as a city that leads the areas of universal design and social problem-solving design, as well as prepare a venue for experts and designers to share and discuss the advanced city designs of each country with the citizens.

    The forum will be comprised of four sessions. The discussion on “universal design” will take place on the first day and the discussion on the “social problem-solving design” will be held on the second day.

    A total of 10 speakers will introduce the new policies and directions that cause changes in cities under the sub-theme of “Post-COVID, Opportunity & Transformation for City Design” in the universal design session on November 5.

    A total of nine speakers will introduce the public and private design projects that have responded to social crises including COVID-19 and examples of ways to prepare for the non-contact age under the sub-theme of “Design for Social Resilience in the Post-COVID” in the social problem-solving design session on November 6.

    The “2020 Seoul Design International Forum” will be held online and anyone who is interested can watch on the official website (www.sdif.or.kr).