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  • 2020 January (No.183)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2020, January No.183Seoul to Support Citizen’s Safety Insurance for Those Damaged from Accidents Starting on January 1, 2020, with the Citizen’s Safety Insurance, citizens who have been affected by accidents such as natural disasters, fires, collapsing buildings, and more can receive up to KRW 10,000,000 from the insurance company contracted by Seoul.

All citizens registered to reside in Seoul (including registered aliens) are automatically enrolled in the insurance, and they can receive insurance if they are affected by the covered items, which are death due to natural disasters, explosion/fire/collapse-related accidents, accidents while using public transportation, robbery, and traffic accidents within school zones. 

Death due to typhoons, floods, heavy snowfall, particulate matter, heatstroke, and earthquakes are all included under death by natural disasters. Citizens can file an insurance claim for accidents due to explosions or fires, the collapse of building or building structures (including those under construction), which all fall under explosion/fire/collapse-related accidents.

Citizens can also receive insurance for accidents that happen while using public transportation, which include accidents that occur while getting on and off public transportation or while waiting at a subway or bus stop, or if they have been mugged. However, citizens cannot receive insurance for robberies caused by the insured’s family, relatives, employer, and/or insurance beneficiary, or for robberies and losses during wars or riots.

Traffic accidents within school zones are also insured by the Citizen’s Safety Insurance. Citizens can receive insurance when a vehicle with children under 12 years of age or a vehicle operating without passengers gets into an accident within a school zone.COPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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