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Special Issues

  • 2020 August (Vol.51)

  • SMG 399
    I SEOUL U 2020 August No.51“AI Yangjae Hub” To Become 
Global Hub for AI Research and Start-ups Beyond just support for early growth of start-ups, “growth 
support” for companies and “full support for cultivating 
convergent prospects”  “AI Yangjae Hub” is now home to approximately 80 fledgling AI start-ups in the early stage of 
growth that are fully supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG). The start-ups 
employed 443 new employees in the course of the last two years (2018-2019) with revenue of 
KRW 60.7 billion and attracted investment of KRW 36.2 billion. AI Yangjae Hub’s professional 
education courses offered by AI College also produced 572 prospects, including AI-path 
job seekers, students and developers, as of last year. Opening of the education campus this month... “Big Data 
Campus” to open at the end of august to cultivate 1,000 
annual prospects First, the SMG will commence with education and training to cultivate convergent prospects 
with the operation of an education campus near AI Yangjae Hub at the beginning of this month. 
Seminar and meeting rooms in AI Yangjae Hub had been used as space for education, and now 
the education campus will offer customized curricula to cultivate prospects for the AI industry 
and R&D. This year, nine courses will be offered with the aim of cultivating a total of 
approximately 1,000 prospects. Exchange with experts from Silicon Valley and global 
leading companies, including Google... Support for 
the establishment of overseas localization strategies Companies will receive multifaceted management support services, including consulting for 
tax affairs, accounting and intellectual property rights, and be offered to participate in the 
investment attraction program. Also, a remote mentoring program will be operated by an 
expert consultation group from Silicon Valley in order for companies that want to enter the 
global market to be able to settle optimized localization strategies. A networking program will 
also be operated with experts from AI leading companies, such as Google, Microsoft and NAVER.Copyright ⓒ SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.