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  • 2019 Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival)

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    Yeon Deung Hoe is Korea’s traditional and cultural lotus lantern festival that has been passed down from generation to generation for 1,200 years starting from United Silla. The festival was designated as National Intangible Heritage No. 122 in 2012. Seoul has annually sponsored the Yeon Deung Hoe event for the preservation and management of traditional culture and for the growth of cultural and art festivals. Through Yeon Deung Hoe, Seoul continues to introduce Korea’s beautiful traditional culture to the public with the restoration of various traditional lanterns.

    The 2019 Lotus Lantern Festival was held from May 4 (Sat.) to May 5 (Sun.), 2019 at Jongno and Jogyesa Temple on Ujeongguk-ro. Various cultural events were held during the festival, including the “Traditional Lantern Exhibition (Cheonggyecheon Stream),” “Eoullim Madang (Dongguk Univ.),” and the “Lantern Parade (Jongno).” On May 5 (Sun.), the “Traditional Culture Madang” event was held in front of Jogyesa Temple that consisted of 120 booths hosting experiential events for children and families in celebration of Children’s Day.
    Website: http://www.royalculturefestival.org/