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  • 2019 September (No.179)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2019, September No.179Nodeulseom Island of Hangang River Turns into a Music-Centered Cultural Complex Until the 1960s, Nodeulseom Island in the Hangang River was a playground where 
people could enjoy the river up from the closest range. However, for the last half a century, 
the island has been abandoned as an isolated terrain. Seoul began searching for new 
ways to utilize the island together with citizens and experts. After holding design 
contests and beginning construction in 2013, Nodeulseom Island has been transformed 
into a music-centered cultural complex in September 2019.

The main facility of Nodeulseom Island is the music cultural space. The three-story 
building has been distributed to mingle with the existing natural environment. 
Visitors can enter Nodeulseom Island through this building without having to go 
down the stairs from the Hangangdaegyo Bridge. Upon exiting the music cultural 
space, Nodeul Madang will come into view, stretching away from the Hangangdaegyo 
Bridge. Nodeul Madang is not only an outdoor performance stage that can accommodate 
up to 3,000 audience members, but it is also a good to enjoy the view of the Hangang 
River while picnicking.

Seoul has plans to complete the “hundred-year bridge” project by June 2021, which 
involves constructing a bridge exclusively for pedestrians on the Hangangdaegyo 
Bridge in order to enhance citizens’ accessibility.COPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.홈페이지이전뉴스레터홈페이지페이스북트위터인스타그램유투브웹마스터찾아오는길