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  • 2019 Satisfaction Survey of Seoul Metropolitan City’s Foreign Language Website

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    2019 Satisfaction Survey of Seoul Metropolitan City's Foreign Language Website Seoul Metropolitan City’s foreign language websites are conducting a website satisfaction survey with foreign users to improve our services and provide high-quality content. This website satisfaction survey is being conducted to gauge user satisfaction regarding speed, design, and mobile use after upgrading each of the six foreign language websites of Seoul Metropolitan City. We will actively reflect the survey results to operate user-centered websites by improving user convenience. Please note that we are also conducting a survey regarding foreigners’ preferences of the Seoul brand, I·SEOUL·U. We thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Your personal information and responses will be kept strictly confidential as stipulated by the Statistics Act (Articles 33 and 34), and we will use them as a valuable references for improving the city of Seoul. 

Survey period: Nov. 1-11, 2019 (24:00) [local time]

A USD 10 Amazon gift card will be offered to those who sincerely answer the survey on a first-come, first-served basis, and a Seoul Kit will be provided to 100 respondents selected by lottery.