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  • 2019 October (Vol.41)

  • Special Issues SMG 1975

    I SEOUL U 2019 October No.41The City and its Architecture Speak about Seoul Celebrating its second anniversary this year following its launch in 2017, 
the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism takes place under the theme 
“Collective City: Reclaiming the City, Redefining Architecture” until November 10 
throughout downtown Seoul, in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), 
Donuimun Museum Village, and Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture.
The Seoul Biennale is broadly divided into the Thematic Exhibition and the Cities 
Exhibition. The thematic exhibition, operated in DDP, is where visitors can learn 
about urban problems we face, the roles of cities, and how the cities have changed, 
as well as share and discuss the solutions. The cities exhibition takes place at 
the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture, where the pending issues and problems 
of more than 80 cities are covered. Here, visitors can learn about what kind of issues 
the cities of the world are concerned about and what solutions exist. 
Over 180 institutions from more than 80 cities, including Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, 
New York, Ulan Bator, and Hong Kong, are participating in this year’s Seoul Biennale. 
The Seoul Biennale is a festival where not only experts in architecture can partake, 
but also regular citizens can enjoy and participate. People from various fields, 
including citizens, architects, and artists, freely exchange their opinions to seek 
solutions for urban problems and search for groundbreaking ideas and political 
alternatives to solve urban issues. Let’s have a deep discussion about the ideal city 
at the Seoul Biennale. Venues at which the Seoul Biennale takes place Dongdaemun 
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