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  • 2019 November (No.181)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2019, November No.181Seoul Announces Housing
Support Policy for Newlyweds High housing expenses for those living in Seoul are making the youth hesitate to get married. Married couples often “move out of Seoul” due to the burden of loan interest. Thus, Seoul will expand its support policy to solve the housing problems for newlyweds. The key points of the policy include ① the expansion and relaxation of the requirements for financial support, ② an increase in public housing supply, ③ support for moving into a larger house when a child is born after living in a purchased rental house, and ④ reinforcement of accessibility to housing support information. 1. Expansion and Relaxation of Requirements for Financial Support First, the requirements for becoming a beneficiary of the support will be greatly 
eased so that more newlyweds can receive financial support. The security deposit 
support project for newlyweds is the project that will lend as much as KRW 200 
million at a low interest rate to newlyweds who are suffering due to poor housing 
environments or those who gave up on marriage because of the difficulty of saving 
large sums of money. The city of Seoul also covers part of the interest on the loan to 
lighten the burden of the newlywed beneficiaries. Additionally, couples who have 
not registered their marriage but are part of a “de facto marriage” can also receive 
the security deposit support in the same way that the newlyweds can. 2. Increase in Public Housing Supply Second, 2,445 rental houses will be supplied, including houses for newlyweds 
(1,800), houses purchased to be reconstructed (345), and houses for the youth 
located near subway stations (300). 3. Support for Moving into a Larger House When a Child is Born Third, when a newlywed couple who is living in a rental house wants to move to 
a larger house because of the birth of a child, they can do so while paying almost 
no additional expenses.Types of rental houses in KoreaCOPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.홈페이지이전뉴스레터홈페이지페이스북트위터인스타그램유투브웹마스터찾아오는길