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  • 2019 Hangang Summer Festival Starts On July 19

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    한강이 피서지다! 한강몽땅 2019 HANGANG SUMMER FESTIVAL 2019. 07. 19금- 08. 18일 여의도, 뚝섬, 반포, 난지, 망원 등 한강공원 전 지역

    Let’s go on a musical picnic to the Hangang River during the scorching hot summer! Lying on a mat, you can listen to various genres of music, including pop and classic, while being refreshed by the cool riverside breeze. If you just want to lie down and unwind, you may visit the open shade canopy installed on the grass of Yeouido Hangang Park. These are all new programs being held for visitors this year during the Hangang Summer Festival, a representative summer festival in Seoul.

    The city of Seoul will be hosting the 2019 Hangang Summer Festival under the theme, “Exciting Hangang Picnic with Culture.” The festival will take place over the course of a month, from July 19 to August 18, 2019, at 11 Hangang Parks, providing residents and tourists with the opportunity to enjoy a summer picnic without having to take a long journey.

    In order to double the enjoyment for participants of the festival, Seoul presents five tips for attending the Hangang summer picnic: ① During summer, water, water, water, ② River flowing with music –satisfy your sensibility, ③ Cool and fun culture programs, ④ Small but certain happiness, and ⑤ Make healthy and clean Hangang River.

    2019 Hangang Summer Festival
    Secondhand Bookshop Festival under the bridge Cinema Week
    Secondhand Bookshop Festival under the bridge Cinema Week
    Hangang Night Walk 42K Hangang Moonlight Circus
    Hangang Night Walk 42K Hangang Moonlight Circus
    Hangang Cardboard Boat Race Hangang Water Playground
    Hangang Cardboard Boat Race Hangang Water Playground

    First, you do not have to travel faraway to go find waterparks. Instead, enjoy the traditional programs of the Hangang Summer Festival that have been ever popular, which are continuing into this year too.

    Enjoy water play all day at the Hangang Water Picnic-Water Fight Festival (Aug. 3-4 / Youth Plaza of Nanji Hangang Park), where visitors can conquer the Waste Monsters and Robot Villains that appeared at Hangang River with a water gun. The Hangang Cardboard Boat Race (Aug. 2-4 / Riverside in front of Jamsil Interchange in Jamsil Hangang Park and on the river) will be held for visitors to race aboard their own handmade cardboard boats. The Hangang Water Playground (Jul. 26 – Aug. 18, everyday ※ closed on Mon. / Water training area in Ttukseom Hangang Park) is a place where visitors can experience diverse leisure water activities like paddle boating, canoeing, and kayaking. Lastly, the number of screenings held at Cinema Pongdang (Jul. 19 – Aug. 16, every Fri. / Water playground in Nanji Hangang Park) will be increased to five (three times last year), driven by its popularity.

    Second, the number of music programs held at the Hangang Summer Festival that should not be missed will be increased. Recharge your sensibility by listening to various genres of music befitting the ambiance of the river and summer season.

    Hangang Summer Music Picnic (Aug. 2-10, every Fri. and Sat. / Special stage and water stage in Neoreundeulpan in Yeouido Hangang Park), which will be held for the first time in 2019, will stage pop, gugak (Korean traditional music), reggae, and classic performances on four different days. Hangang Jazz Festival (Aug. 2-3 / Yebit stage of Sebitseom Island in Banpo Hangang Park) will hold high-quality jazz concerts, inviting The Big Band jazz orchestra composed of 20 members, Kim Jun, the first-generation Korean jazz vocalist, Malo, one of the top Korean jazz musicians, and Ryu Inki Trio.

    Third, an outdoor cinema and the largest outdoor secondhand bookshop in the country will be held under the Hangang bridges. On top of the bridges, various events related to the National Sports Festival will take place.
    Hangang Film Festival Under the Bridge (Jul. 20 – Aug. 17, every Sat. / Under the Cheonho Bridge, the northern extremity of the Cheongdam Bridge, the southern extremity of the Wonhyo Bridge, and the Seoul Battleship Park in Mangwon): 20 films will be screened under five themes, including ▴ most loved films by Koreans in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Korean films, ▴ the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, ▴ the special screening of the works of Director Bong Joon-ho to congratulate his winning of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2019.
    Secondhand Bookshop Festival Under the Bridge (Aug. 1-18 / Under the Mapo Bridge in Yeouido Hangang Park): a used book market that is very popular among citizens where visitors can sort through over 120,000 used books.

    Fourth, take a personal day and check out the evening programs to feel small but certain happiness. The programs will refresh your body and mind that might be exhausted by the persistent heat.

    Hangang Moonlight Circus (Aug. 15-17 / Riverside stage in front of Sebitseom Island in Banpo Hangang Park) is another small festival that is part of the Hangang Summer Festival where visitors can enjoy eight different circus performances, including a thrilling aerialist act, a nostalgic Dongchun Circus, and a fun and emotional mime. Hangang Starlight Theater (Aug. 2-10, every Fri. and Sat. / Grass field beside Jabeolle in Ttukseom Hangang Park) will be operated for two weeks, as opposed to the three-day period of operation last year, so that people of all ages and genders can enjoy puppet shows, reed pipe performances, and shadow play.

    Fifth, Hangang Night Walk 42K will be operated again this year, allowing participants to feel the wind while enjoying the nightscapes and sceneries of the Hangang River as they walk along the river all night. Additionally, three sorts of package programs for the environment will be introduced this year. If you are a bike enthusiast, take part in the Hangang Bike Tour.

    Hangang Night Walk 42K (July 27 / Nogeumsu Plaza of Yeouido Hangang Park): the nation’s only Hangang River full-course, non-competitive walking race. Participants can choose one of the three length courses—15 km, 25 km, and 42 km.
    Hangang Bike Tour (Aug. 15 / Event plaza of Yeouido Hangang Park): a non-competitive bike ride together with 2,019 citizens and those with disabilities celebrating the 100th anniversary of March 1st Independence Movement. Let’s participate in this carbon-free, stress-free activity!

    Three package programs: Seoul Resource Race (Jul. 27-28 / Lower part of Jabeolle in Ttukseom Hangang Park), a race between mini cars made of waste brought from home or picked up at the Hangang area; Recycled Raft Hangang Crossing (Aug. 10-11 / Music fountain in Ttukseom Hangang Park and on the river), where participants make rafts using plastic wastes and PET bottles; and Refresh: Materials Transformable into Art (Aug. 3 / Grass field beside Jabeolle in Ttukseom Hangang Park), where participants can make works of art by cutting and putting together plastic straws.

    Along with the five tips above, Seoul has picked Must Go 15, the best programs you should not miss during the Hangang Summer Festival:

    ① Hangang Water Playground ② Hangang Cardboard Boat Race ③ Hangang Bike Tour ④ Jamsu Bridge Culture Party “Let’s Play during the National Sports Festival” ⑤ Hangang Water Picnic-Water Fight Festival ⑥ Hangang Moonlight Circus ⑦ Hangang Starlight Theater ⑧ Hangang Summer Music Picnic ⑨ Hangang Film Festival Under the Bridge ⑩ Lifeplus Cinema Week 2019 ⑪ Hangang Night Walk 42K ⑫ 2019 Hangang Village ⑬ Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market ⑭ Hangang Date ⑮ Secondhand Bookshop Festival Under the Bridge

    For all inquiries about the 2019 Hangang Summer Festival, call Dasan Seoul Call Center at +82-120.