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  • 2019 GOGO Travel in Korea Festival Opens

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    Seoul prepared a tourist fair where local autonomous governments and Korean travel agencies will gather. The 2019 GOGO Travel in Korea Festival will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from September 18 (Wed.) to 19 (Thur.) in Seoul Plaza to revitalize travelling in Korea and rejuvenate the tourism industry.

    With the operation of over 140 booths for promotion and experience, the 2019 GOGO Travel in Korea Festival will be comprised of three sections: ① a promotional exhibition for travelling domestically in Korea, ② a special exhibition for peace tourism, and ③ the sales of local agro-fishery products.

    [① A promotional exhibition for travelling domestically in Korea] This section consists of contents that will introduce deals for traveling to locations within Korea, including local representative spots and festivals. Promotional booths and halls will be operated to revitalize tourism in Korea and revive local economies, including the promotional booths of local governments, promotional booths of Korean travel agencies for travel deals, promotional booths for village tours, and a promotion hall for trips throughout Korea.

    [② A special exhibition for peace tourism] A special exhibition for peace tourism that carries the significance of inter-Korean peace will be held as well. 10 local autonomous entities near the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that will sign an MOU for a win-win relationship with the city of Seoul will participate in the exhibition to advertise peace tours in their respective regions. They will also sell specialties from their regions to boost win-win cooperation for the vitalization of peace tourism.

    [③ The sales of local agro-fishery products] In the western part of Seoul Plaza, excellent local agro-fishery products will be sold. About 40 booths will be in operation selling agro-fishery products including produce harvested in a rich year for crops.

    [An MOU to be signed between Seoul and 10 local autonomous governments near the peaceful DMZ] Seoul takes an earnest step forward to construct win-win cooperation in peace tourism with 10 cities and counties near the DMZ, the symbol of the division of the Korean peninsula. Seoul concludes an MOU with these regions to boost peace tourism in collaboration with each other.