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  • 2019 August(No.178)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2019, Augest No.178I‧Market‧U for Win-win Collaborations between Seoul and Other Regions

In November 2018, Seoul opened I‧Market‧U store, a store for the revitalization of exchanges between the city and farm villages in order to create win-win relationships and collaborations between Seoul and other regions in Anguk-dong (Anguk New Building, 39, Yulgok-ro).

The I‧Market‧U store is performing the role of being a platform at which the win-win exchanges take place between Seoul and other regions. The store not only sells agricultural products and specialty products, but it also provide visitors with information on various regions, including their festivals, tourism resources, and cultural contents.

In this context, Seoul announced a comprehensive plan for a regional win-win relationship in May 2019 while declaring the win-win relationship between Seoul and other regions, in collaboration with 29 local governments, for the measures to address the imbalanced development and polarization between Seoul and other regions. Seoul will be promoting a total of 36 businesses from the three fields of people, information, and the exchange of goods.

Ringing in the traditional Korean holiday of Chuseok, the I‧Market‧U store will be operating special sales of agricultural products and specialty products from throughout the country (until September 14, 11:00-20:00, closed on the day of Chuseok). The I‧Market‧U store will enrich the tables of Chuseok by providing visitors with high-quality agricultural and specialty products from throughout the country.

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