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Special Issues

  • 2019 August (Vol.39)

  • SMG 1601
    I SEOUL U 2019 August No.39You may think that anyone can rest if they are sick. However, some 
people are deprived of this divine right. They are the vulnerable 
group of laborers who earn a living with their daily income, such as 
construction laborers and small business owners. As of 2016, 
the ratio of temporary workers who can take sick leave is 32%, 
less than half of the ratio of permanent workers.

The city of Seoul started the Seoul-type Paid Sick Leave Support 
project, the first of its kind in the nation, as the main project of the 
Comprehensive Plan for a Healthy Seoul in order to guarantee 
non-discrimination health rights to vulnerable laborers and small 
business owners who receive the least social security and cannot 
even receive treatment even when sick. The Seoul-type Paid Sick 
Leave Support is an innovative initiative to prevent vulnerable 
working groups from being deprived of medical services. The city 
provides the laborers and business owners who have not benefited 
from sick leaves as defined in Labor Standards Act or have been 
living in a welfare dead zone with living wages (KRW 81,180 as of 
2019) for up to 11 days per year (10 days of hospitalization and 1 day 
of physical examination offered by Health Insurance Corporation). 
Seoul will more widely activate Seoul Care to take care of working 
Seoulites by earnestly pursuing the Seoul-type Paid Sick Leave Support.