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  • 2018 Seoul White Book Published

  • SMG 2122

    2018 시민의 삶을 바꾸는 100가지 혁명 서울백서 - 서울특별시

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government published 2018 Seoul White Book, where it reported on 100 major administrative projects that were pursued throughout 2018.

    In the 2018 Seoul White Book, according to the newly established four-year administration plan set out following the 7th popular elections, the major administrative projects have been divided into five categories. Those categories are: the future, safety, welfare, balance, and democracy. A total of 100 projects, which had real, easily felt results, are introduced under each category.

    The White Book for 2018 contains the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s representative policies that were carried out in order to invest in the future with new ideas, from the establishment of footholds of innovation for leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support measures put in place for small businesses and the younger generations, who will ultimately be the driving force propelling promising industries.

    At the beginning of the White Book, the policies that were most well-received by the residents of Seoul over the course of 2018 are introduced under the subtitle “The Top 10 News of Seoul” and various new and revised policies are displayed in the sections “Seoul Life Index 10” and “Seoul on the Map.”

    In the body of the text reporting projects under five categories, infographics are used that allow readers to easily digest the major outcomes of the 2018 projects. Helpful information for daily-life is neatly organized under the titles “Tips” and “Changing Life in Seoul.”

    Smart Future
    In this category, policies for leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including the establishment of innovation footholds, the bolstering of promising industries, measures for supporting small businesses that are facing hardship, and measures for vitalizing the economy, such as small business and culture festival supports, are described

    Safety: Cleanliness and Convenience
    This category will help readers understand why Seoul is a great city in regards to environmental and safety issues by looking into its eco-friendly policies, such as “Seoul without Disposable Plastics” and “Sharable Cars and Parking Lots,” as well as descriptions of Seoul’s efforts to maintain the infrastructure for the elderly.

    Healthy, Lively Welfare
    Here, the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies, which allow the city and residents to grow together by supporting their education and the costs of child-rearing, and which take care of residents at each stage in their life, from birth to death, are described.

    Harmony and Balance
    Because income disparity between regions has become more severe, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has presented new alternatives related to development and growth based on governance and communication. Those alternative are described in this section.

    Democracy: Made by the Citizens
    Finally, in this category dedicated to democracy, we introduce a new model of governance in which residents identify problems on their own and work to solve them based on the principles of equality and respect.

    The 2018 Seoul White Book will be distributed to organizations (public corporations, foundations, etc.) affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the public service center of each district’s office, and at the Seoul Library. You can also read it in the form of e-book on this website (http://ebook.seoul.go.kr).

    For those who want to buy one, the White Book is sold for KRW 8,000 at the counter that sells periodicals at Seoul Library or at the Seoul Book Store on the B1 floor of the Seoul City Hall.