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Key policies

  • 2018 Seoul Excellent Policy Voting Page

  • Key policies SMG 4633

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    ※ Notice

    1. Prize winners will be selected at random.
    2. Winners will be contacted separately via email by the city of Seoul.
    3. We will not be held responsible for any losses that may occur due to data error from incorrect email input.
    4. Email responses for prize distribution will be collected by December 21, 2018, and prize acceptance will be forfeited upon failure of response. (Number of outgoing e-mails: Maximum of 3)
    5. There are no prize exchanges or refunds.
    6. Prize shipping dates are subject to change.
    7. Prize shipping is free, however, additional taxes may be imposed on the prize upon acceptance by country or region, of which Seoul will not be held accountable. If you do not wish to receive the prize, please return the package.
    8. For other inquiries, contact us via the SMG inquiries email (english@seoul.go.kr) with the subject line [SEOUL EVENT].