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  • 2017 Seoul Street Arts Festival to be held During Chuseok

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    2017 Seoul Street Arts Festival to be held During Chuseok

    The Seoul Street Arts Festival will be held between October 5 and 8, 2017 at Seoul Plaza and Sejong-daero during the national Chuseok holiday. For this year’s festival, 47 works from Korea, England, Spain, Argentina, etc. will perform a total of 145 street performances and citizens will be able to participate in a variety of special programs.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) also prepared performances under this year’s theme of Merry Consolation for young people, head of households and neglected neighbors to enjoy.

    Website www.festivalseoul.or.kr
    Contact 82-2-3290-7090

    Overview of the < 2017 Seoul Street Arts Festival >

    □ Festival Overview

    Time October 5-8, 2017

    Plazas (Seoul Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square)
    Streets (Sejong-daero, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Deoksudung-gil)
    Urban Regeneration Space (Oil Tank Culture Park, Mugyo Regeneration Space, Seoullo 7017)
    Seoul Museum of Art, Citizens hall, etc.

    Theme Merry Consolation
    Programs Performances: 47 works, 145 performances
    •Officially invited works (Overseas/Domestic): 34 works, 98 performances (Overseas: 12 teams; 12 works; 40 performances, Domestic: 21 teams; 22 works; 58 performances)
    •Free submissions (Overseas/Domestic Works): 13 works; 47 performances (Overseas: 4 teams; 4 work; 18 performances, Domestic: 9 teams; 9 works; 29 performances)
    Closing programs
    •Citizen participation program
    • Closing citizen’s parade
    Special programs
    •Small festivals by citizens
    •Citizen participation program
    •Movable display of street art
    •Arts sponsoring campaign
    •Specialist program

    □ Festival Overview

    Category Description Total Participating countries
    Performance Overseas work 16 works
    (12 officially invited overseas works,
    4 freely submitted overseas works)
    47 works from 8 countries Total of Eight Countries: Switzerland, Spain, Argentina, Ireland, England, France, Finland, Korea
    Domestic work 31 works
    (22 officially invited domestic works,
    9 freely submitted domestic works)