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  • 2017 Seoul Downtown Skating Rink & Sledding Slope Attraction

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    Yeouido Park Ice Skating Rink, ‘Yeoui Ice Park’

    Seoul Winter Attraction ① Skating Rink & Sledding Slope

    Yeouido Park Ice Skating Rink, ‘Yeoui Ice Park’

    The Yeouido Park Ice Skating Rink ‘Yeoui Ice Park’ comes to us each year at wintertime, and will open once again this year on December 20, 2017. There will be a variety of activities and programs held in the Event Zone, along with an outdoor lounge area totaling 3,300m2 and a food court where you can enjoy warm refreshments.

    The ‘Christmas Festival’ will be held from the opening day until December 25, with next year’s events to include the ‘New Year’s Festival’ (January 1, 2018), the ‘Polar Bear Athletics Competition’ (January 21, 2018), and a proposal event hosted for Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2018). Every night at 8 the ‘Ice Park Radio’ will introduce a variety of citizens’ stories and offer DJ music on-site.

    Ice skating instruction will also be offered. Group lessons will be held from December 26 through February 2 for 5 days each week, 6 sessions per day, with on-site registration available for December 21 and 22. Registration for individual instruction can be done at any time.

    • ■ Yeouido Park Ice Skating Rink, ‘Yeoui Ice Park’
      • ○ Open Period: Dec. 20, 2017 ~ Feb. 25, 2018 (Dec. 20: free admission)
      • ○ Open Hours: 10:00AM ~ 9:30PM
      • ○ Rink Fees: one-time pass (90min.) 1,000 won; day pass 2,000 won; ice skate rental 1,000 won
      • ○ Directions: 5 minutes from line 5 Yeouido Station, exit 3 (National Assembly direction)
      • ○ Homepage: www.yicepark.com
      • ○ Questions: 070-4242-1222
      • ※ Note:
        – Groups of over 20 persons: 10% discount (with advance reservation: 070-4242-1222)
        – Season pass available for 30,000 won (unlimited entry without other ticket during event period)
      • Ttukseom Outdoor Sledding Slope

        Ttukseom Outdoor Sledding Slope

        The Ttukseom Hangang Park Outdoor Sledding Slope will be open December 16 through February 18. The Sledding Slope will be divided into two major areas, with the large slope for youth and adults, and a small slope for safe use by children of ages 36 months to 6 years.

        Also, there will be safety instructions offered via loudspeaker to prevent issues such as collisions when going down the slope, excessive snowball fights among visitors, slipping on icy pathways, and loss of body temperature.

        The access fee is 6,000 won for children, youth, and adults. Along with sledding, a variety of fun activities and conveniences can be accessed with just one ticket including a children’s snow playground, hands-on folk games experience, and a lounge area.

        Other attractions including hands-on ice fishing experience and Pirate Ship/Euro Bungee rides are available for 5,000 won and 3~5,000 won respectively, to be paid separately.

        • ■ Ttukseom Outdoor Ice Skating Rink
          • ○ Open Period: December 16, 2017 ~ February 18, 2018
          • ○ Open Hours: 9:00AM ~ 5:00PM
          • ○ Entrance Fee: 6,000 won
          • ○ Directions: line 7 Ttukseom Resort Station, exit 2
          • ○ Questions: 02-444-5358
          • ※ Note:
            – Hands-on ice fishing experience, ride, etc.
          • Olympic Park Peace Plaza Skating Rink

            Olympic Park Peace Plaza Skating Rink

            The Olympic Park Peace Plaza Ice Skating Rink will open starting December 27. The Olympic Ice Skating Rink will be open until February 2, open daily from 9:00AM to 8:30PM. The entrance fee will be 3,000 for every 80 minutes including the rental fee, with a one-day pass for 10,000 won and a week pass (Mon.~Fri.) for 30,000 won.

            The event program offers daily admission and beginners’ lessons, with beginners’ lessons offered 5 times a week for 25,000 won/class, where you can learn first steps to free-skating.

            • ■ Olympic Park Peace Plaza Skating Rink
              • ○ Open Period: December 27, 2017 ~ February 5, 2018
              • ○ Open Hours: 9:00AM ~ 8:30PM
              • ○ Entrance Fee: 1-time pass (80min.) 3,000 won; day pass, 10,000 won (※ includes rental)
              • ○ Directions: Line 8 Mongchontoseong Station, exit 1
              • ○ Homepage: Entrance Guide
              • ○ Questions: 82-2-410-1691 (through 2017.12.31.) / 82-2-2180-3692~4 (from 2018.1.1.)
              • ※ Note:
                – Week Pass (Mon.~Fri) available for 30,000 won