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  • 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism – Meet Cities and Architecture in Seoul

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    The 2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism will be held at Donuimun Museum Village, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, and various stations and industrial sites in Seoul between September 2 (Sat) and November 5 (Sun).
    The Biennale is a large global event with a total of 16,200 people in attendance including 50 cities, 40 universities and 120 organizations. This year’s event will be the first held in Seoul. The event will center on the themes of City and Architecture and will be held as a global academic conference and exhibition festival.

    The theme of the first biennale in Seoul is ‘Imminent Commons.’ The Seoul Metropolitan Government will suggest Imminent Commons as the method to solve the various urban problems that cities face through 300 exhibitions and interactive programs and prepare an opportunity to discuss how each city will realize the goal of imminent commons.

    <Themed Exhibitions with 39 projects about the nine commons and City Exhibitions, which are public projects by 50 cities>
    The Biennale will operate centering on the three main programs of Themed Exhibitions, City Exhibitions, and Live Projects Seoul. All programs excluding the main exhibitions (Admission: 9,000 won) are free of charge.

    Themed Exhibitions consist of 39 projects on technologies, policies, lifestyles, and design directions centering on the nine commons as solutions to urban problems. The exhibitions will be held at Donuimun Museum Village.

    ※ Nine Commons
    Common resources (4): Air, Water, Fire, Earth
    Common acts (5): Making, Sensing, Moving, Recycling, Communicating

    Leading programs include Seoul On Air: Augmented Reality for City Activity that attaches sensors to public transportation in Seoul to measure the microclimate of Seoul in real time and show it in augmented reality and Seoul Odor Map that collects various odors in Seoul and identifies space from the perspective of smells.

    Seoul On Air: Augmented reality for urban activity 2017 Seoul Odor Map
    Seoul On Air: Augmented reality for urban activity 2017 Seoul Odor Map


    City Exhibition introduces various public projects by cities in the world that tried to solve urban problems through sharing at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

    We expect the exhibition to serve as an opportunity to compare and analyze various shared valued between cities around the world. Projects by 50 cities including New York, London, Vienna, San Francisco, Shanghai and Pyeongyang will be on display. Seoul will introduce four projects.

    Sydney 21th century space strategy and governance San Francisco Public Residence Map View Seoul in Sections
    21th century space strategy
    and governance
    San Francisco
    Public Residence Map
    View Seoul in Sections


    Live Projects Seoul conducts various experiments in various locations around Seoul in the three categories of Production city, Urban foodsed and Smart walking city.
    ① Production city: The project pursues new potential of the urban manufacturing industry including clothing, metal, printing, and machine businesses. Exhibitions and workshops will be held at production sites in the old capital area of Changsin-dong, Euljiro and Sewoon Mall.
    ② Urban foodshed: The Biennale Restaurant and Biennale Café will open at Donuimun Museum Village during the Seoul Biennale. Familiarize yourself with issues like water and food shortage, urban agriculture, and disposable items and taste apple bread baked with photovoltaic energy and tea with honey from city-raised bees.
    ③ Smart walking city: This is a walking program that suggests the vision of the SMG of ‘Walking City Seoul.’ Walk three kilometers from Dongdaemun Gate to Sewoon Mall while enjoying Music City, a smartphone app that allows listening to music made by Korean and British composers exclusively for seven locations in Seoul including DDP and Seoullo 7017 while standing at the very location, and Brainwave Walk, which uses brainwave to detect stress in order to find the perfect environment to walk in.

    Biennale Restaurant Music City Brainwave Walk
    Biennale Restaurant Music City Brainwave Walk


    [A Wide Variety of Participatory Programs… Recommendation of BEST Programs for Tourists!]
    During the Biennale, various programs are held for citizen participation. The following are especially recommended by the SMG.

    ○ Biennale Restaurant – Themed dinner: This is a program in which people eat dinner together on Saturdays and talk about various subjects. The program is free and reservations are made in advance. The cuisine includes Middle eastern food, Greek food as well as vegetables including Korean greens, wild beans, traditional ingredients and vegetables raised by urban farmers. The cook changes depending on the theme of the food.
    ○ City of Common Seoul Tour: The tour consists of a Sunday Tour that provides a general understanding of Seoul Biennale and a Saturday Tour that provides more advanced understanding. The Sunday Tour visits Donuimun Museum Village, Dilkusha, Mapo Oil Tank Cultural Park, Sewoon Mall, and Seoul Saehwaryeong Plaza while the Saturday Tour visits the Seongbuk Dowon area, Seoullo 7017, and the Embassy of France. To apply for each course, make a reservation on the official website of Seoul Biennale at least two days before the event.
    ○ Walking Playground: This is an on-site program for enjoying all Smart Walking City programs (Music City and Brainwave Walk, etc.) in one day to be held between 1pm and 5pm on Sundays. Visit the Smart Walking City container box on DDP Design Street to receive a map and guide to the programs.
    ○ Around the Biennale on Seoul Bike, Ttareungyi: Ttareungyi stations will be installed near the four sites of the Biennale including Donuimun Museum Village, DDP, Sewoon Mall, and Seoullo 7017 for October 28 and 29 making it easier to move between the venues on bike.

    Refer to the official website of Seoul Biennale (http://www.seoulbiennale.org/) or call the Seoul Biennale Secretariat (☎02-2096-0108) to inquire about exhibitions, application to participatory programs, or request a schedule.

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