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  • 2016 Seoul International Social Conference

  • SMG 4504

    □ Introduction

    – The Seoul Metropolitan Government is developing and implementing a number of city policies for communication with citizens and spreading social culture through social media, a medium that has been established as a new communication trend. As a part of such efforts, Seoul is hosting the 2016 Seoul International Social Conference, in which experts of Social Networking Service (SNS) will participate, exploring and identifying global social trends.

    □ Outline

    – Title: 2016 Seoul International Social Conference
    – Date: Oct. 25, 2016 (Tue) 09:00 ~ 18:00
    – Location: 8F Multi-purpose Auditorium, Seoul City Hall
    – Theme: Social, connects citizens
    – Participants: Experts of social media, government employees in charge of SNS at each local government

    □ Pre-registration

    – Period: Oct. 5, 2016 (Wed) ∼ Oct. 19, 2016 (Wed)
    – How to register: Visit and register at the website (http://seoulsc.co.kr)

    □ Program

    Division Program schedule and presentation subjects
    09:00~10:00 【Registration】
    10:00~10:10 【Opening Ceremony】
    ▸ Opening speech: Vice-Mayor for Political Affairs
    10:20~10:50 【Keynote speech】 Global social trend
    ▸Elizabeth Hernandez (Head of Government Relations, Asia-Pacific and Japan on Facebook): Next Social Media, the Future of Facebook
    10:50~12:20 【Session 1】 Cities and future connected with social media
    ▸Jeong Ju-hwan (Head of O2O business at Kakao): The future of O2O and future cities for Kakao
    ▸Raheel Khursheed (Head of news, politics and government in India on Twitter): Global cities, access on Twitter
    12:20~13:50 Networking luncheon
    13:50~15:20 【Session 2】 Communication through social media
    ▸Laurel Papworth (Australian professional social media consultant): Social media, a communication tool
    ▸Jeong Cheol (Copywriter): SNS communication strategist with social media
    ▸Sol Bi (Singer, painter): Social art healing minds
    15:20~15:40 Coffee Break
    15:40~16:40 【Session 3】 Social Media Driven Digital Administrative Innovation
    ▸Jo Corfield (British Policy Research Institute communication manager): London’s social administration
    ▸Shin Byeonggyu (Director of New Media at Seoul Metropolitan Government): Digital era, Seoul, made with citizens

    16:40~17:40 【Session 4】 Fun culture, which can enjoy through social media
    ▸Go Gyeonggon (Vice President for Asia Pacific marketing at Blizzard): Games made through cooperation, the success story of Overwatch
    ▸Choi Jeongyeol (Web drama producer)+ Chanmi of AOA, Jeong Da-bin (Actor): Beyond TV! Mobile content challenges.
    17:40~18:00 【Closing ceremony】