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  • 2016 Seoul Christmas Market Will be Held

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    2016 Seoul Christmas Market

    “Seoul Christmas Market” will be held in the event square of Yeouido Park (Exit No. 2 of Yeouinaru Station) for 11 days from Dec. 21st to 31st in 2016. It opens from 5 pm to 10:30 pm on weekdays andfrom3 pm to 9 pm on weekends.

    This Seoul Christmas Market is organized under the theme of “Thanks Giving Christmas Market.” During this time, the merchants of Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market will provide citizens and tourists with unique things to enjoy in winter nights in order to reward their customers for having used their market. It is held with the presence of 36 food trucks with various menus and 144 teams including artists selling handmade goods.

    This “Seoul Christmas Market” provides an opportunity to pioneer a new market to small merchants, who find it difficult to meet customers in winter, and also a stage for checking consumer responses to new founders, who find it difficult to have contact with customers. As this event gives citizens an opportunity to enjoy various things and taste foods, a large structure will be built indoors so that many citizens can have a good time in a warm atmosphere for 11 days.

    In the food zone, food trucks offer various menus ranging from the popular menus of Bamdokkaebi Night Market to seasonal menus prepared for Christmas Day. In the handmade zone with unique and elaborate works produced by artists, customers can find accessories made of various materials such as leather, fabric and metal as well as a variety of pretty things that cheer up the happy atmosphere of Christmas Day.