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  • 2016 Seoul Book Festival

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    The 2016 Seoul Book Festival, “Library! Robot?” will be held from September 2 to 3, 2016 in Seoul Plaza.

    The 2016 Seoul Book Festival will feature various programs with information about the future of society and technology under the theme of “Robot”. The Seoul Book Festival meets citizens with books and information with different themes each year. This year’s festival will have four sections featuring libraries, publishers, bookstores, and citizens’ book clubs, all members of the book community.

    First, “Festival Library”, a special library, will be opened during the festival. The Festival Library is a library specializing in robots in which librarians from 16 libraries, such as State, universities, and public libraries, will participate, including four directors and ten intern librarians.

    Publishers will communicate with citizens with publication information and book support programs under the theme of “Delicious Publication,” with divided sections for children, adolescents, and adults.

    The “Traveling Library” will introduce various book stores in Seoul and their management strategies. 1,000 books selected books about robots will be sold in this section.

    The “Book Club’s Room + Question Mark Stage” will offer a program, “Human and Robot, Talks about the Future,” which is planned and prepared by citizens from 100 book clubs in Seoul, and “Talk Concert,” for having a conversation about future society and technology.

    “Moonlight Reading” is the main program of the Seoul Book Festival, where children and the elderly can enjoy reading together at Autumn Night Plaza. This year, people can enjoy listening to novels about robots read by librarians, along with movies about robots and other performances.

    ■ 2016 Seoul book festival 〈Library! Robot?〉 Schedule

    Opening ceremony 12:00 (Festival Library)
    Festival Library 12:00~18:00 10:00~18:00
    Delicious Publication 12:00~18:00 10:00~18:00
    Traveling Library 12:00~18:00 10:00~18:00
    Hanpyeong citizen’s book market 12:00~18:00 10:00~18:00
    Book Club festival 12:00~18:00 10:00~18:00
    Moonlight Reading 18:00~22:00 18:00~20:00

    Inquiry: Seoul Metropolitan Library 02-2133-0226