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  • 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week held at DDP from Oct 17, Promises to be the greatest Asian fashion festival

  • Press Releases SMG 3048
    • – SFW’s first night fashion party is set to be held, offering exciting opportunity for domestic and overseas emerging designers and fashion people to meet and socialize.
    • – SFW has served as a great venue to uncover young talented designers and to help Korean designers going global.
    • – A challenge event for fashion bloggers is expected to promote the event further. Discount is offered in some of malls in the Dongdaemun commercial area.

    Seoul Fashion Week, which marks its 14th anniversary this year, will showcase its 2015 S/S collections at the DDP, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, for six days, from Oct 17 (Fri) to 26 (Wed). The event is hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government, in collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation and the Council of Fashion Designers of Korea. The 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week will showcase the total of 85 fashion shows, first with 55 shows with Seoul Collection, and then with 25 shows of Generation Next and 5 Presentation shows.

    The event will promote the elevated position of Seoul as a major fashion city in Asia, and aims to globalize the fashion industry through enhanced business fair where domestic designers, who seeks to enter overseas market, meet potential buyers and discuss business opportunities.

    ‘Asia Fashion Blooming Night’ is a part of ambitious plan of SFW. At this collaboration party, emerging Korean and Asian designers get to meet and befriend each other. The party also marks the first late night fashion party of SFW, which taps into traits of Dongdaemun. The Asian Fashion Blooming Night starts at midnight on Oct 18 (Sat), at the Open Studio 2 of the Art Hall, DDP. At the night fashion party, a variety of programs, such as DJ performance, concerts and partying, as well as fashion shows, will greet SFW participants, invited guests, and ordinary citizens.

    Throughout the six days of SFW, from Oct 17 to 22, the Seoul Collection will showcase works of 55 top domestic designers, including Jin Tae-Ok, Ji Chun-Hee, Lee Sang-Bong, and Park Yun-Soo. At the Open Studio 1&2 of the Art Hall, DDP, buyers, the press, VIPs, and general audience will enjoy the works of the prominent Korean designers. Notably, the show has already drawn global attention with the works of KYE(Kye Han-Hee), Steve J &Yoni P in the line-up. In addition, the number of young designers on the Seoul Collection increased as well; the total of 25 emerging designers will participate in the collection, 8 more from the previous year.

    In the meantime, the S/S SFW enhances opportunities for domestic and overseas designers and buyers to meet and discuss business opportunities. “NowBuying”, hailed as a great success by both parties, will be hosted for the entire 6 days of event, from Oct 17 to 22. As buyers who have major influence in global fashion market will attend the fair, it is largely expected that the event will be all the more successful in inducing domestic designers to go global. Listed participants include buyers from Galeries Lafayette, a major department store in Paris, Saks Fifth, a leading department store in the U.S and MC2, a famous select shop.

    Other than products donated by brands joined in the SFW, this year’s event will also offer SFW souvenirs and art toys for sale, which are produced in collaboration with designers. All the proceeds from the sale will contribute to the ‘Save the Children’, to promote its ‘To make a world where no child left alone’ campaign.

    With works with popular domestic magazines, the SFW will host a ‘Seoul Fashion Week Editors’ Challenge’ for fashion people. Anyone who runs a fashion-related blog can join the event, posting SFW-themed contents on their blogs or create diverse contents regarding SFT. It is expected that the ‘Seoul Fashion Week Editors’ Challenge’ will encourage a number of fashion people to be an SFW honorary ambassador, promoting the event even further.

    ‘Dongdaemun Sale Festa’ sets to be held as well, in order to reinvigorate the Dongdaemun fashion commercial district, around the DDP, a venue for SFW. During the fashion week, from Oct 17 to 22, Doota and Lotte Fit-in, two major shopping malls in the area, offer a constant discount. Even additional discount is applied for the customers, who present SFW ticket or leaflets.

    As a unit event of SFW, ‘Me, a Fashion Designer’, a fashion workshop for a family with children, will be held at previous and after weekends of SFW.