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  • 2015 Multicultural Community Revitalization Support Project (Mar. 16-Mar. 20)

  • International Relations News SMG 4550

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting communities to participate in the 2015 Multicultural Community Revitalization Support Project, through which Korean and foreign residents can get together to discover and resolve common issues on their own. Groups that wish to participate can apply on the Seoul Community Support Center’s website (www.seoulmaeul.org) between March 16 and 20.

    The project will focus on multicultural activities and consulting, and selected groups will receive funding of approximately KRW 5 million each.

    The support for multicultural activities includes: resolving conflicts between Korean and foreign residents, promoting the improvement of the community environment, raising the awareness of Korean and foreign residents, organizing cultural exchange and arts and sports activities to foster diversity and friendship between Korean and foreign residents, encouraging Korean and foreign residents to cooperate and discover means of specializing and promoting the use of local resources. Regarding consulting activities, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide support for multicultural community consulting and other activities that serve to revitalize multicultural communities.

    Groups receiving support for multicultural activities shall include groups of Korean and foreign residents composed of at least three Seoul residents as well as non-profit organizations, non-profit corporations, and co-ops that work or have worked on projects for foreign residents, while the groups involved in consulting will include corporations, private non-profit organizations, and co-ops located in Seoul that have substantial experience with projects related to multiculturalism.

    The Seoul Community Support Center provided support for six projects (five involved in community activities and one in consulting) in 2014, contributing to the resolution of conflicts and satisfying needs by promoting communication between Korean and foreign residents, thereby revitalizing multicultural community activities.

    Contact: Seoul Community Support Center (☎385-2642)