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2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission

  • Florencia Bragado

  • 2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission 1194

    It’s another year for me to become a Global Seoul Mate. Our first mission is to make the word “SEOUL” by taking pictures of each letter and putting them together in an artistic or creative way. Since we all come from different countries, we were also asked to make a short introduction of ourselves and our aspirations as 2014 Global Seoul Mate. I’m Florencia C. Bragado and friends call me “Flor”.I come from the Philippines. I’m married and I work as a Company Pharmacist. I love watching Korean dramas and films that’s why I studied Korean language at the Korean Cultural Center. I was also attracted to the Korean Culture so I also learned how to play Danso (korean flute) and basic Samulnori (four traditional korean instruments). I love Korea especially Seoul because the place is very rich in cultural heritage and captivating sceneries. Since this is my second time to become a Global Seoul Mate, my aspiration is to support the Seoul Metropolitan Government in their continuous efforts of making more improvements for SEOUL making it as a Happy City for locals and tourists. I will also fulfill the mission of promoting SEOUL through social media and other aspects that can attract more foreign visitors to see the place and make them experience the lovely and lively city.