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  • 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week to be held at DDP from March 21

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    – 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week will be held at the DDP from March, 21(Fri) to March, 26(Wed)

    – With opening of the DDP, SFW will create business opportunities in Asian market, while elevating Seoul’s position as a renowned fashion city in Asia

    – Total of 81 fashion shows will be held throughout the Week, consisting of 60 shows of Seoul Collection, 17 shows of Generation Next and 4 PT shows

    – The Fashion Fair will create practical business opportunities for designers and companies, as a variety of brands, buyers, and consumers will participate in the Fair

    – With SFW, Seoul seeks to diverse and active ways to introduce Korean Fashion to the World, while supporting Korean designers who aims to enter Asian market


    Fashion Week, which marks its 14th anniversary this year, will showcase its 2014 FW collections at the DDP, a new landmark of the nation for six days, from March 21(Fri) to 26(Wed).

    The event is co-hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, in collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation and the Council of Fashion Designers of Korea.

    The DDP(Dongdaemum Design Plaza), designed by the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, is the world’s largest three-dimensional atypical building. The building, which makes its debut to the citizens with Seoul Fashion Week, is expected to emerge as Seoul’s new landmark and globally famous cultural site. It will serve as a venue for conventions, exhibitions, performances, fashion shows all the year around.

    The 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week will start its opening with a collaboration fashion show on March 21, at 3:00 p.m. at the Open Studio 2 of the Art Hall, DDP. The 18 new designers of the Generation Next program and the famous idol group, EXO, will perform the collaboration show.

    The event will reaffirm the elevated position of Seoul as a city of fashion that represents Asia, and aims to create opportunities for winning business contracts for designers and brands that want to enter Asian fashion market where Korean wave or Hallyu is widely popular.

    The 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week will showcase 81 fashion shows, first with 60 shows with Seoul Collection, and then with 17 shows of Generation Next and 4 PT shows.


    < Total 81 shows will be held, with collections of rising designers and the established designers>

    The Fashion week is a great chance for both rising and established designers as young designers can promote their name and collection to the public while top designers can enhance their competitiveness and create diverse business opportunities from home and abroad.

    The ‘Seoul Collection’, which became the most famous part of Seoul Fashion Week, will present glamorous collections of top Korean star designers with 60 fashion shows.

    Seoul collection, which consists of 60 fashion shows including 13 shows of men’s collection, 45 shows of women’s collection, and 2 shows of the national brand’s collection, will be held at the Open Studio 1 and Open Studio 2 of the Art Hall, DDP, with presence of buyers, the press, and the audience.

    The fact that the Blue Print, the famous trade show of Singapore’s Fashion Week, decided to join the Seoul Collection in two years a row, underscores the elevated position of Seoul Fashion Week in Asian fashion market.

    This time the show will be run in a more flexible manner, by allowing designers to choose between designated seat system and reservation-by-invitation system.

    Generation Next, which showcases the collections of promising young designers who will lead the Korean fashion industry in the future, will present the creative and sensational collections of 17 designers.

    For four days from March 21st to 24th, Generation Next will demonstrate the powerful, charming works 17 young Korean designers to buyers, the press, and people from fashion industry at the Open Studio 1 of the Art Hall, DDP.

    In the meantime, designers who participated the Generation Next program, is expected to captivate the audience with their refreshing and ambitious works at the collaboration fashion show with the idol group EXO at the opening event of the DDP and the Fashion Week.


    < Seoul Fashion Fair, where practical results of the fashion business is delivered>

    From 13:00 on March 21st to 18:00, 24th, the Seoul Fashion Fair will be held at the Council Chamber of the DDP. The fair is a business consultation exhibition, with the participation of the 48 leading fashion companies from home and abroad which produce men’s wear, women’s wear or fashion accessories.

    Total of 48 carefully selected brands from men’s wear, women’s wear to fashion accessories will participate in the Seoul Fashion Fair. In particular, the fair will be held for an extended period than the last year, thereby allowing more business opportunities for small and medium fashion brands as well to promote their brand and increase their sales.

    In addition, on March 23rd, “NowBuying” will be hosted, offering professional chances for building bonds and concluding business contracts for domestic and overseas buyers and companies which joined in the Fair.

    On March 26th, there will be four times of ‘Presentation Show (PT Show)’ at the Open Studio 1 of the Art Hall. The PT show will feature the characteristics of each brand in a more creative and diverse way.


    <Donation Runway adds warmth to the glamor of the fashion show>

    On March 25th, Donation Runway, the donation program which became an integral part of the Seoul Fashion Week, will be held at a separate venue in the Art Hall of the DDP.

    Donation Runway is a charity bazaar with garments and beauty products donated by designers and fashion brands that participated in the SFW. The donated items will be sold to fashion people and the general public, and the entire proceeds will go to Save the Children, a global NGO dedicated to underprivileged youths.


    <Welcome Reception, a fashion festival and venue for the global exchange>

    In the meantime, Welcome Reception for designers, domestic and foreign press, buyers, and people in the fashion industry will be held from 21:00 p.m. on March 24th, at the Grand Ballroom of the JW Marriot Dongdaemun Square Seoul. The reception will be held as a business party to promote exchanges among the participants.


    < Friends’ Avenue, enlivens the Seoul Fashion Week with the participation of citizens>

    In addition, a variety of promotion events will enliven the fashion week in collaboration with sponsor companies and organizations.

    During the Fashion Week(3/21 ~3/26) from 11 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon , there will be a number of promotion events by SFW sponsor companies, including Fujifilm, Cass Light, W Magazine, TONI&GUY, and Jeju Sanghwangsu for citizens at the outside square of the DDP.

    Baek Jong-Won, the CEO of Seoul Design Foundation said, “As the Korean Wave continues to draw attention of the world first with K-Pops and now with many Korean soap operas, Korean Fashion is leading the fashion trend in Asia. Against this backdrop, Seoul Fashion Week, the most famous Korean fashion event, will seek more diverse and active ways to introduce Korean fashion to the world and support Korean designers who want to enter the Asian market.”


    [Programs in Detail]


    – Date: 2014. 03. 21 ~ 26

    – Place; Open Studio 1, Open Studio 2, of Art Hall, DDP

    – Details: 60 fashion shows will be held with the collection of designers who participated the collection more than 6 times for last three years, and who participated the Generation Next for more than three times. Collections of the independent brands of more than five years of the establishment will be also presented in the show.



    – Date: 2014. 03. 21 ~ 24

    – Place: Open Studio 1 of the Art Hall, DDP

    – Details: 17 fashion shows will be held with the collections of the young designers whose brands have one to five years of the establishment.



    – Date: 2014. 03. 21~ 26

    – Place: The Council’s Chamber, DDP

    – Details: 48 fashion companies from home and abroad will join the Fair. Four presentation shows will be held by men’s wear, women’s wear, fashion accessories, bags, and shoes companies. “NowBuying” will be held, offering chances for concluding business contracts for domestic and foreign buyers and the companies who joined in the fair.(3/23)



    – OPENING GALA SHOW: 03.21(Wed), at the Open Studio 2, DDP

    – WELCOME RECEPTION: 03.24(Mon), at the Grand Ballroom of the JW Marriot Dongdaemun Square Seoul

    – DONATION RUNWAY (Fashion Bazaar): 3.25(Wed) 13:00~15:00, at a separate venue at the DDP

    – SFW FRIENDS’ AVENUE: 3.21(Fri) ~ 3.26 (Wed), at the outside Plaza of the DDP