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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • 2013 Surfing the Korean Wave – Day 0 Part 1: Apgujeong – Kona Beans- SMEnt – Coffee Cojjee

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    It’s my first time to fly with Korean Air. Their services were excellent ! Cabin crew were friendly. It would be great if the plane for this route had USB plug for charging my phone. LOL Our hotel is ‘The Plaza Hotel Seoul’ which located at City Hall Station. I’m gonna write more about this luxury hotel later. Our destination today was Apgujeong area. This is my first time to take subway in Korea. I’m so impress ! You can check the timetable when they arrive, when you will reach destination. When a train arrive on the platform, there will be a new melody being played !! My recommend application for using subway is Jihachul. I didn’t know where we were going. We just walked and walked and walked then we were here. Kona Beans, Super juniors’ Cafe ! ^^ Please read more in my blog. :)