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  • 2013 Seoul Open Night

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 2701

    ‘Seoul Open Night’ is Seoul’s leading summer festival by By opening various places inaccessible and unused by people to the public and through creative and special programs inviting citizens to participate actively and enjoy their time with others, this festival offers a variety of stunning cultural experiences and fun events.

    • Date: Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013
    • Venue: Seoul Plaza and other places across the city


    ▶ Open House Seoul

    Unique and quaint places in Seoul will be opened to the public.
    So you can explore and enjoy Seoul’s culture and arts.

    1) Journey to explore the back alleys : Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013

    : Buam-dong, Buckchon,Sengbuk area tour

    2) Story about the history of Seoul : Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013

    : Naksan Senggwak night tour / Exploring the Destroryed fortress / The story of the Joseon Dynasty in English (Jeongneung & Heoungcheon temple)

    3) Story about Arts in Seoul : Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013

    : Modern history of Korea, Haebangcheon street galleries, traces of traditional performing arts in Korea

    4) Open day for the official residence of Seoul mayor

    5) House tour : Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013

    : Oman Embassy / The official residence of the Brazilian Ambassador / The official residence of the Polish Ambassador / The official residence of the New Zealand Ambassador / The official residence of the Turkish Ambassador

    6) Exploring various places in Seoul : Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013

    : Exploring Seoul City Hall / Backstage Tour (Blue Square, Le miserable /Namsan Guakdang, A midsummer Night’s Dream) / Cheil Worldwide / DongaemunDesignPlaza / Woori Bank / Good Evening Phyeongchang-dong/Dongkuk Steel Ferrum Tower / KT Olleh Square

    ▶ Seoul Music Festival (Open Program)

    The city of Seoul supports the musical talent and sensitivity of Seoul citizens.

    1) Open stage, Seoul Citizens’ Concert : Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013

    : A concert prepared and staged by Seoul citizens

    2) Seoul Citizens Choir Festival : Aug 31st (Sat), 2013

    : Thousands of Seoul citizens singing together in one voice

    3) Rock in Seoul : Aug 30th (Fri), 2013

    : A rock festival held at Cheonggye Plaza in downtown Seoul

    4) Orchestra with commentary (English support) Aug 31st (Sat), 2013

    : KTX Orchestra – a symbol of harmony between different generations attained through talent donation

    ▶ unique cultural and imaginative project, Sangsang +

    2013 Seoul Open Night will give Seoul citizens a special chance to indulge in imagination.

    1) MT Seoul at Seoul Plaza (Prior application required) Aug 31st (Sat), 2013

    : Enjoy camping at Seoul Plaza!

    2) Good consumer market : Aug 30th (Fri) ~ 31st (Sat), 2013

    : A flea market with a new theme at Seoul Plaza

    ▶ Application