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  • 2013 Lotus Lantern Festival

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    The Lotus Lantern Festival will be held in many places for three days between May 10 and May 12 in celebration of Buddha’s birthday (May 17).

    This folk festival is a tradition started in the Goryeo Period (877 ~ 1394) and the Joseon Period (1392~1910) with a view to enlightening the darkness of mind, building a society filled with wisdom and benevolence, and praying for wishes to be fulfilled. Streets will be decorated with brightly lit lotus lanterns, and paraders will carry large-sized lanterns shaped like elephant, dragon, and tiger.

    People’s Cultural Festival

    People, including foreigners, are invited to take part in the merrymaking event, carrying large-sized lanterns shaped like baby monks or Buddha.

    Lanterns with Diverse Shapes

    Participants will carry lanterns they made themselves out of a wish to enlighten their minds as well as those of their neighbors in an effort to maintain the country’s long-kept tradition.

    Merry-making Event

    From Jogyesa Temple up to Ujeongguk-ro featuring 100-plus booths, the Lotus Lantern Festival is another merry-making event loved by the people as much as the Lotus Lantern Parade.


    festival venues

    Hour/date Venue
    Traditional Lantern Exhibition May 10 ~ May 19 Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple and Cheonggyecheon (Stream)
    Eoullim Madang Festival May 11, 4:30 PM ~ 6:00 PM Dongguk University
    Lotus Lantern Parade May 11, 7:00 PM~ 9:30 PM Jongno Street (Dongdaemun Gate~Jogyesa Temple)
    Hoehyang Hanmadang Festival May 11, 9:30 PM ~ 11:00 PM Jonggak Junction (Line 1 Jonggak Station)
    Traditional Culture Madang Festival May 12, Noon ~ 7:00 PM Near Jogyesa Temple
    Performance May 12, Noon ~ 6:00 PM At a specially made stage near Jogyesa Temple
    Lotus Lantern Play Festival May 12, 7:00 ~ 9:00 Insa-dong~ Jogyesa Temple
    Buddhist Service celebrating Buddha’s birthday May 17, 10:00 AM and 7:00 Jogyesa Temple and other temples nationwide


    How to get to the venue: Subway Line 3, Anguk Station Exit 6
    Subway Line 1, Jonggak Station, Exit 2
    Subway Line 5, Gwanghwamun Station Exit 2

    (Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/seoulkorea)