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  • 2013 Itaewon Global Village Festival

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    ○ Embassy•Local businesses in Itaewon•People around the world all take part at the Global Village Festival

    ○ Various performances including World Culture Parade, etc. Opportunities to experience different traditional cultures of many countries

    A small global village in Seoul, ‘2013 Itaewon Global Village Festival’ will take place on October 12th Saturday ~ 13th Sunday around the Itaewon Tourism District. Itaewon Global Village Festival first took place in 2002, taking traditional Korean culture and foreign cultures in Itaewon, and has established itself as one of Seoul’s representative cultural festivals. The festival provides opportunities to experience global cultures to those who visit, with newly updated programs every year.

      • Period: 2013.10.12 (Sat.) ~ 10.13 (Sun.) 【2 days】
      • Venue: Itaewon Tourism District
      • Transportation:- Subway Line 6 Itaewon Station or Noksapyeong Station- Buses 110B, 421, 740 Noksapyeong Bus stop405A, 405B, 421 Bogwang Entrance (Itaewon) Bus Stop

        ※ The Itaewon Station-Noksapyeong Station section will be closed to private vehicles. Please use public transportation.

    Event Composition

      ○ Street Parade: Bukcheong Lion Dance Drama, world costumes, traditional culture, Taekwondo demonstration group, etc.

    • Date/Time: 2013.10.12 (Sat.), 15:30 ~ 17:00
    • District: Opposite Itaewon Cheil Co., Ltd. ~ Noksapyeong Itaewon Exit (West Gate Arch)
    • Scope: Around 30 teams, 800 people


      ○ International Food & Customs Exhibit: Various kinds of food from all over the world as well as traditional goods from many countries are sold in booths.

    • Date/Time: 2013.10.12 (Sat.), 12:00 ~ 10.13 (Sun.), 21:00※ Customs Exhibit to be held until 18:00
    • Venue: Noksapyeong Station (Itaewon Entrance (West Gate Arch)) ~ Itaewon Hamilton Hotel
    • Scope: More than 30 countries


      ○ Performances: traditional performances from around the world, celebrities (Girls Day, No Brain, etc.), street performances, etc.

    • Date/Time: 2013.10.12 (Sat.), 12:00 ~ 10.13 (Sun), 21:00
    • Venue: Noksapyeong Itaewon Exit (West Gate Arch) ~ Itaewon Hamilton Hotel


      ○ Unit events: Family motto calligraphy, balloon art, traditional ethnic musical instruments, traditional game experience, etc.

    • Date/Time: 2013.10.12 (Sat.), 12:00 ~ 10.13 (Sun.), 18:00
    • Venue: Noksapyeong Station (Itaewon Entrance (West Gate Arch)) ~ Itaewon Hamilton Hotel

    Traffic Control