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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • 2013 Global Seoul Mate’s First Mission: Seoul Subway

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1259

    This blog has been nominated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as one of the Global Seoul Mates who aim to promote Seoul on a worldwide scale. This requires celebration in the form of praising the spider in the web of Seoul that actually grants us passage to all its sightseeing spots, namely the subway lines. So lets not give a thumbs up for rock n roll like this cool kid does http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaIvk1cSyG8 but instead give a thumbs up for the Seoul subway.

    Except for spanning across a huge area which reaches all the way to e.g. Incheon and Suwon, the subway is also easy to use for visitors who do not speak Korean. Every station has most of its essential instructions and directions written in English as well as Korean. Furthermore, the subway net is easy to use with only a few minor traps which might cause confusion for the passenger. Two examples are the rapid trains which pass certain stations, so one should be mindful when boarding those trains to check if it actually stops at the desired station. Furthermore, some stations such as Noryangjin requires the passenger to actually exit the station when transfering but still doesnt charge you extra! I still do not know how this is detected on the card when charging .

    For the pros, we all know it is comparably cheaper compared to other metropolises and also very clean if you consider the hordes of people who actually ride. The upsides of the subway system are numerous but I think I will settle for this picture which tells it all.