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  • 2012 New Acquisitions Exhibition New&Now: SeMA’s New Acquisitions 2012

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    SeMA’s New Acquisitions 2012

    Seoul Museum of Art’s (SeMA) first Exhibition of the New Year in January 2013 is entitled. . A museum’s acquisitions not only form the foundation of the museum’s collection, but are also a form of communication between the museum and its visitors. Since last year, SeMA has adopted a new acquisition policy to emphasize the significance and raised the quality of its acquisitions. On the one hand, the museum aims to have a balance of different media, genres, and eras. On the other hand it will differentiate from other establishments by establishing a comprehensive and yet distinctive collection.



    With these targets in mind, 198 works were acquired in two phases. In order to achieve a balance of different genres, the ratio of (public) sculptures, installations and media art was raised and historically significant works were added to the fine arts collection. By focusing on works of living artists rather than deceased artists, especially artists who are active both locally and overseas, the contemporary nature of art was emphasized whilst at the same time encouraging the creative endeavors of these artists and contributing to the establishment of a legitimate art market.

    At this new acquisitions Exhibition, among the 198 acquired newly art works, 39 sculptures and installation art projects will also be exhibited. The consolidation of 3-D works in the first floor Exhibition hall to overcome space constraints became an opportunity to amplify the aesthetic beauty of the sculpture and installation art genres. Paint and media art genres that are not featured at this exhibition will be exhibited at the SeMA Acquisition Special Exhibition to commemorate the opening of the Bukseoul Art Museum in July.


    The value of these acquisitions is not in their monetary value but in the impact these works will have on the arts education of the public. In this respect, it can be said that there is even more meaning to an exhibition that gives visitors the opportunity to view these art works In particular, as the title of the exhibition suggests, this exhibition not only seeks to publicize SeMA’s new collection but also to communicate the progressive nature of contemporary art.

    With this new start, SeMa will focus not only on collecting artworks but also on exhibitions, education and publicity. Breaking off from the rigid customs and practices of art museums, SeMa seeks to be the community’s museum acclaimed by the general public, visitors, citizens and different communities. Seeking to become a multi-functional art museum focused on the fusion of varied concepts, the museum has adopted a post-museum vision and developed a wide variety of corresponding programs.

    Exhibition Title : 2012 New Acquisitions Exbition New&Now: SeMA’s New Acquisitions 2012
    Exhibition Period: 2013-01-18 ~ 2013-03-17
    Venue: Seosomun Main Building 1st Floor
    Time: Tue~Fri 10:00~20:00 Sat, Sun, Public Holiday 10:00~19:00
    Media/Number of Exhibits: Sculpture, Installation Art, Media Art/39

    Participating Artists: Kang Ae Ran, Go Chang Seon, Kim Gi Ra, Kim Na Yeong & Massu, Kim Seung Yeong, Kim Yeong Seob, Kim Wol Shik, Kim Joo Hyun, Kim Hong Seok, No Jae Oon, Pak Sang Suk, Pak Yeong Seok, Pak Chan Gyeong, Pak Hye Soo, Baek Nam Joo, Seong Dong Hoon, Song Sang Hee, Yang Hye Gyu, L…