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  • 2011 Seoul International Triathlon to Take Place from 7 am May 15

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    The 2011 Seoul International Triathlon Competition will take place at Yeouido Hangang Park and in the Yeouido area from 7 am on May 15.

    Swimming competition ,Running competition

    The Seoul International Triathlon, celebrating its fourth edition since the first competition in 2008, will bring together 121 elite athletes from 23 countries, as well as hundreds of amateurs and junior men and women, to engage in an intense competition this year.

    Champagne ceremony, Cycling competition

    The elite athletes will swim across the Hangang (1.5km), cycle from Yeouido Hangang Park along urban streets around Yeouido for 40km, return to Yeouido Hangang Park, and run a 10-km course to conclude their challenging journey.

    The Olympic distance triathlon comprises three events: swimming (1.5 km), cycling (40 km), and running (10 km). As a representative, eco-friendly sports event suitable for advanced countries, triathlons are generally staged in areas with well organized streets and surroundings as well as clean water and fresh air.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to use the event to promote the Hangang – which, under the Hangang Renaissance Project, has been transformed into a highly attractive leisure and relaxation area for the general public – to people around the world in a bid to attract more foreign tourists.

    Meanwhile, the event for amateurs and club members will involve 504 competitors, including actor Song Il-gook, who will test their physical limits.