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  • 2011 Gangnam Fashion Festival to Open

  • Integrated News SMG 2712

    Gangnam-gu (http://global.gangnam.go.kr/), Korea’s “Special District of Fashion,” will hold the 2011 Gangnam Fashion Festival under the theme of “Come to Gangnam, the signature city of fashion” at COEX, Yeongdongdaero, from October 1 to 9.

    The Gangnam Fashion Festival, marking its fifth annual edition since its inauguration in 2007, is set to transform itself into a “Hallyu Fashion Festival” that attracts foreign tourists from China and elsewhere, going beyond a local festival designed to spearhead Korean fashion trends.

    This year’s festival will involve better organized events and an array of activities for visitors to enjoy, and diverse associated programs, including the International Peace Marathon, the Cheongdam Art Festival, and performances by hallyu stars. As such, the festival is expected to draw a bigger audience than any of the previous events.

    A “Fashion Market” will be held at COEX Plaza from 10 am to 8 pm every day from October 1-3, while on October 3, a “makeup show,” a performance of general arts encompassing makeup, hairstyling and body painting, will be presented as one of the programs aimed at developing a festival that can be enjoyed by all citizens. Also, a “fashion show involving domestic and overseas cities that have sisterhood ties with Gangnam” (such as the Chaoyang ward of Beijing and the Korean cities of Tongyeong and Yeongju), and a “world male model fashion show,” which will feature traditional costumes and jeans sported by male fashion models from 70 countries worldwide, will be staged to attract a wider public.

    In addition, the singer Rain, a top “World Star” who has been serving as Gangnam’s Goodwill Ambassador since last May, will give a two-hour solo concert at Yeongdongdaero in front of Korea Electric Power Corporation, Samseong-dong at 7 pm on October 9. The event is expected to draw many fans from a number of Asian countries, including China, and earn Gangnam-gu recognition as a hotspot of hallyu tourism.

    Notably, a Grand Tour program will also be arranged to allow visitors to the festival to enjoy discounts when using department stores, fashion and beauty-related shops (in the Grand Sale), hotels (Grand Stay) and restaurants (Grand Table), and to see the various festival sites and events across Gangnam-gu.