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  • 2010 Global Seoul Forum

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    2010 Global Seoul Forum
    2010 Global Seoul Forum

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts the 『2010 Global Seoul Forum』 to analyze factors of and to explore solutions to current issues of the world’s metropolis inviting great scholars to the Forum.

    • Title : 『2010 Global Seoul Forum』
    • Date : March 10, 2010 (Wednesday) 08:40
    • Venue : International Conference Room (3F), Business Tower, Nuritkum Square, DMC
    • Topic : “The Future of Global Metropolis Seoul: From Limitless Competition To Boundless Cooperation
    • Website : http://www.globalseoul.org
    • Enquiries :
      02)3461-1318 (Global Seoul Forum Office)
      02)3707-9934 (The Seoul Metropolitan Government Policy Vision Office)
    • Keynote speakers
      Rolf JENSEN&Richard FLORIDA
      Rolf JENSEN –
      Chief Imagination Officer, Author of “Dream Society”, Dream Company Denmark, Copenhagen Institute for Future StudiesRichard FLORIDA –
      Professor and Author, Creative Class Group, Author of “Who’s your city?”, University of Toronto, Canada, Business School, Director of Martin Prosperity Institute