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  • 20 Creative Playgrounds for Kids in Seoul

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    In 2016, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will carry out a project aimed at transforming dilapidated park playgrounds into safe and creative spaces for children. The transformation of twenty selected playgrounds will be completed by the end of the year through the participation of local residents.

    Funding for the overhaul of eighteen of the twenty selected playgrounds will be provided by the SMG, and two will be funded by private organizations.

    “Before” and “After” overhauling work for Mirim Children’s Park

    Mirim Children’s Park (111㎡ in size), one of the twenty selected locations, has been turned into a space equipped with orange-colored pipe chairs, so now childtrend love the place. Eighteen other playgrounds will be overhauled and reopened this year as places containing stories that children will love.

    The project is part of the promise made by the SMG in 2015 to make playgrounds activity centers for local residents, and The SMG will continue to encourage local residents to be actively engaged in the progress of the project including designing and monitoring.