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  • 20 Civil Servants from Foreign Cities to Win Master’s Degrees in City Administration, in Seoul

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    Twenty civil servants from nine cities in eight different countries, including China, Brazil, Hungary, and Senegal, will receive their Masters in City Administration, in Seoul.

    Class 3’s class in session, Students of Class 3

    In a bid to export Seoul’s advanced public administration and to spread its policy to cities worldwide the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been operating the “Master’s Course on City Administration,” by recruiting civil servants in developing countries since 2008. Thus far, the course has produced 56 graduates from 37 cities through its three classes.

    The commencement ceremony for Class 3 students, who completed their 13-month course and who are set to prepare for the dissertations, and the entrance ceremony for Class 4 students will take place at the International Building in Korea University at 10 am on August 17.

    The Class 3 students, who will attend the commencement ceremony, came to Seoul in August last year, and took classes on “Seoul’s tourism marketing,” “e-government,” “Shift, or rental homes for the working class,” and “Transportation policy” at the Graduate School of Policy Studies at Korea University for 13 months. They will return to their countries, and write dissertations on a comparative study of Seoul and their cities over the next 12 months, and get a final review of their theses in August next year.

    Meanwhile, 30 candidates from 18 cities in 15 countries worldwide, including those in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa, applied for Class 4, which will start in September. Eighteen students from 14 cities in 12 countries, including Warszawa (Poland), Minsk (Belarus), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Islamabad (Pakistan), have been admitted, and will take the course.

    Notably, starting from the Class 4, the course will reinforce programs on Seoul’s industry, culture, and tourism, as well as theory on city administration, and thus promote the image of Seoul as an economic and cultural city.