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  • 2.03 million Visitors to Seoullo 7017 One Month into Opening

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    2.03 million Visitors to Seoullo 7017 One Month into Opening

    Seoullo 7017, the Seoul Station overpass-turned into a pedestrian walkway, welcomed its one month anniversary on June 19, 2017.

    Over 2.03 million people visited Seoullo 7017 thus far. Ten million people are expected to visit the site by the end of 2017. Seoullo 7017 is quickly becoming a new landmark of Seoul City.

    On average, 90,000 people visit Seoullo 7017 daily on weekends, 40,000 on weekdays and on Fridays, there are over 50,000 visitors.

    People visit because there are many fun attractions to enjoy between walkways.

    There are 645 flower pots along the walkways with 228 species of flowers and plants including water lilies, roses of Sharon and roses. Other fun attractions include Bangbang Playground, foot bath tubs and peeping pots.

    During lunch hour and after work hours, bearing the brunt of 35% of all visitors, the SMG also operates cultural programs including board game cafes and art consulting centers. All visitors can participate without making a reservation.

    Tour guides at Seoullo Information Center and Travelers’ Café offer their services in six different languages to foreign tourists including location of facilities, programs and events.