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City Initiative News

  • The 1st Seoul City Brand Forum

  • SMG 5379

    ▶ Theme: City, People, and Seoul
    ▶ Date and Time: Saturday, October 29th, 2016, 2:00PM – 6:00PM
    ▶ Location: Multi Purpose Hall, Seoul City Hall (8F, Seoul City Hall)
    ▶Number of participants: Around 400
    ▶ Qualification: Anyone who loves Seoul (Brand marketing experts, designers, citizens, and others)
    ▶ Major programs:
    – Experts’ discussion: “Era of soft power, the future of cultural city Seoul, the globalization of Seoul culture”
    – Presentation of cases abroad: Presentation of the global city brand trend and cases abroad, including Amsterdam
    – Panel discussion: “How to create a livable and attractive city?” Panel discussion on Seoul city branding

    Main contents
    Opening speech
    Declaration of opening of the Forum
    Congratulations messages
    Congratulations message from Mayor (video)
    Congratulations message from the president of a city assembly
    Part 1
    The meaning of Seoul brand as a public brand and its role
    Era of soft power, the future of cultural city Seoul: The globalization of Seoul culture
    Part 2
    What can we learn from cases abroad and what can be done for Seoul’s case?
    (MONOCLE) The trend of city brand and cases of major cities
    (Amsterdam) Cases of location branding and city marketing
    One year of Seoul brand, the path of the past and the path for the future
    Conversation with citizens (question and answer)
    Part 3
    (Round table)
    “How to create a livable and attractive city?”
    One word about “Seoul”
    Conversation with citizens about “Seoul that I dream of”