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  • 1st Metropolis Asian Women’s Network Forum Held in Seoul

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the First Metropolis Asian Women’s Network Forum under the theme of “Women in Asian Cities: Crisis, Agency and Change” at the international conference hall in Seoul Women’s Plaza, Dongjak-gu, at 10 am on September 27.

    The forum has been organized with a view to enhancing women’s economic power and formulating various measures and strategies to create safer cities.

    The forum is all the more significant in that it is the first event of its kind to take place in Asia since participants in the Second Metropolis Women International Network Forum, held in Seoul in 2009, agreed to hold an Asia Women’s Network meeting in the Korean capital in the future.

    The forum will feature more than twenty invited speakers, including chiefs of women’s policy in fifteen Asian cities and experts on women’s issues from international organizations such as Rebeca Grynspan, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, who will deliver the keynote speech. The participants will hold in-depth discussions about the dominant issues facing women in Asian cities and share exemplary cases from different cities.

    Through this forum the Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to consolidate the position of Seoul as the home of the Asian regional office of the Metropolis Women’s Network and as a hub city of exchange among Asian women, and to elevate Seoul’s international stature as a women-friendly city.

    Any citizen can participate in the forum by registering at the Seoul Foundation for Women and Family’s website at (http://www.seoulwomen.or.kr/nhpeng/index.jsp). For further information on the forum, please contact the Women Policy Division at (+82-2-3707-9565), or the Gender Equality Promotion Center of the foundation at (+82-2-810-5063).