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  • 18 parks in Seoul provide diverse events to greet the Lunar New Year

  • Press Releases SMG 301
    • Various traditional folk games to be held at some major parks including Namsan Park, World Cup and Children’s Grand Park
    • In Naksan Park, and Jungnang Camping Forest, a program that visitors can learn how to learn the meaning of the Korean Lunar New Year
    • On the pedestrian road Seoul 7017, a hanbok-themed event to be held for the citizens and visitors
    • Seoul Botanic Garden to open free of charge during the Lunar New Year holidays except Monday

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 1, 2019 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the city’s major parks will prepare programs to celebrate the Lunar New Year free of charge for the citizens. They include Gyeongui Line Forest Park, Namsan Park, World Cup Park, Seoseoul Lake Park, Yeouido Park, Seoyudo Park, Pureun Arboretum, Oil Reservoir Culture Park, Seoul Forest, Eungbong Park, Boramae Park, Citizen’s Forest, Children’s Grand Park and Yulhyeon Park.

    Visitors are allowed to enjoy various activity programs, such as a game of Yut, a traditional board game, top-spinning game, jegichagi, Korean shuttlecock game and other traditional folk games.

    On the pedestrian road Seoul 7017, a hanbok-themed event will be held from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. from February 2 to 6 near the Sugguk Bakery.” Visitors can make unique memories with wearing a traditional hanbok or a “character hanbok” that allows them to become a king, subjects, and warriors. In addition, wearing a hanbok, anyone can join special programs, such as a polaroid photo event, and a gift will be given to those who upload postings about the program on their social networking webpages. There will be another event – picking up a lucky bag with a toy tweezer, and a huge Yut game to see the New Year’s fortune.

    In Namsan Park, Naksan Park, and Jungnang Camping Forest, visitors will learn how to make a bow, make a traditional shuttlecock and a tea ceremony that all family members can participate together (To participate, online reservation is mandatory on the Seoul Public Service Reservation System).

    In World Cup Park, participants can enjoy all together by holding a race event, which include “flying rubber shoes,” “two-snail relay” and “top-spinning” in the form of relay races.

    At Oil Reservoir Culture Park, besides traditional folk games, people can decorate the Christmas tree with a lucky bag and citizens’ well-wishing cards, while in the Seoul Botanic Garden, visitors can enjoy the greenhouses and themed gardens for free during its temporary opening.