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    The TEDxCity2.0 event was held simultaneously at over 70 cities around the world on Saturday, October 13. The TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), regarded as the world’s best lecture conference, was built around the premise that revolutionary ideas change people and, ultimately, the world. The Conference seeks to create a platform where knew knowledge and experience in various fields are shared. The special feature of this year’s conference consists in giving speakers with revolutionary ideas eighteen minutes to share their innovative thinking with the audience.

    This year’s event was created to commemorate the awarding of the TED Prize to an idea named “City 2.0” rather than awarding individuals who are involved in implementing revolutionary projects, as it has usually done over the years. The Conferences were held at cities all over the world including Chicago, Beijing, Sydney, and Mumbai to name but a few. In Seoul, a total of nine speakers, including Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, gave presentations on related themes.

    At TEDxCity2.0, experts from diverse fields presented their own ideas and solutions to multiple problems that cities all over the world are facing, and particularly those that cannot be solved by current paradigms.
    Mayor Park Won-soon gave his 18-minute talk on how the current administrative paradigm can be transformed based on the “Sharing City of Seoul” policy and on the philosophy and values of sharing. The “Sharing City of Seoul” policy is being planned to foster the sharing of space, materials, and information in an effort to heighten awareness of the great social value of cooperation.

    The City of Seoul is also preparing to launch an “Open Innovation” event aimed at forming diverse civic networks and promoting cooperation in the near future. With this event, the City plans to not only cooperate with the TEDx network, but to research urban reform programs all over the world, expand on their success, and review various project possibilities.