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  • 15th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival Opens

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    The 15th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF 2011) will begin with the opening ceremony at the COEX Exhibition Center in Samseong-dong, Seoul on July 20. Hosted jointly by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the SICAF Organizing Committee, SICAF is the largest event of its kind in Asia.

    Official poster of SICAF 2011, SICAF 2011 Goodwill Ambassador ;Dal Shabet;

    SICAF, which will run for five days from July 20 to 24, consists of four categories: Exhibition of Cartoons and Animations; Animated Film Festival; International Digital Cartoon; and SPP (Seoul Promotion Plan).

    The Exhibition of Cartoons and Animations, which is being held at COEX, has been organized to allow audience members to rediscover the charm of cartoons, and to enable people of all generations to experience and share consensus on cartoons, rather than simply enjoy and experience them, through new experiments that integrate cartoons with education.

    The International Digital Cartoon, the world’s only digital cartoon festival, comprises various experience-focused exhibits, including the open theater, QR code, and 4D riders, which will enable visitors to view cutting-edge 3D videos, as well as artworks by famous cartoonists from Korea and overseas, thereby presenting audience members with a whole new world of fun and excitement.

    The Animated Film Festival, one of the world’s top five animation film festivals, will present more than 300 films from Korea and around the world, including the opening work, Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below, Green Days, The Gruffalo, and Apollo.

    'Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below' the opening film of SICAF 2011 , SICAF 2011 Exhibition’s special exhibition of awardees Shin Mun-su and Won Su-yeon

    For more information on SICAF 2011, please visit the festival’s website (http://www.sicaf.org), or dial the SICAF Organizing Committee at (+82-2-3455-8435).