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  • 132 Tradition Markets in Seoul Offer Up to 30% Discount for Materials for Chuseok Ancestral Rites

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    With Korea’s major holiday, Chuseok, just around the corner, traditional markets in Seoul will be selling materials for ancestral rites at reduced prices and holding special events like farmer’s markets, folk games, and prizes.

    132 traditional markets in Seoul will be selling materials for Chuseok rituals and various agro-fishery products at discounts of up to 80% from August 28 to September 11, 2019. Major participating markets include ▴ Gwangjang Market (Jongno-gu), ▴ Sinjungbu Market (Jung-gu), ▴ Dongbu Market (Jungnang-gu), ▴ Donam Market (Seongbuk-gu), ▴ Sinchang Market (Dobong-gu), ▴ Mangwon Market (Mapo-gu), ▴ Gyeongchang Market (Yangcheon-gu), ▴ Songhwa Market (Gangseo-gu), ▴ Guro Market (Guro-gu), ▴ Nammun Market (Geumcheon-gu), ▴ Fruit & Vegetable Market (Yeongdeungpo-gu), ▴ Sinsa Market (Gwanak-gu), and ▴ Yeongdong Traditional Market (Gangnam-gu). Visitors can enjoy not only the discount, but also the special atmosphere of Chuseok by participating in folk games, such as kicking jegi and tuho, and a lottery events to win prizes.

    10,000 shopping trolleys are ready to be offered to the customers who spend over KRW 50,000 or pay more than KRW 5,000 through Zero Pay. Customers who make purchases of over a certain amount can also receive various prizes, including a voucher for each market.

    Specifically, Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street (Songpa-gu) will offer a discount of up to 80% to customers who buy Chuseok garb, including clothes and shoes. Cheongnyangni Fruits & Vegetable Wholesale Market (Dongdaemun-gu) and Bangi Market (Songpa-gu) will be selling Chuseok gift sets, agricultural, fishery & livestock products, and fruits with discounts of up to 50%.

    Aside from the discounts and free gift events, a variety of other events will take place throughout the markets for visitors to immerse themselves in the holiday atmosphere, such as making songpyeon (half-moon-shaped rice cake), playing yut, kicking jegi, and arm wrestling tournaments. These events are expected to allow the participation of regular citizens and merchants together.

    In order to promote the convenience of the citizens who visit traditional markets, Seoul will temporarily increase the number of markets in Seoul from 42 to 112 (70 more markets) from September 6 to 15, allowing parking and temporary stopping in nearby roads for up to two hours. The list of markets where temporary parking is permitted is posted on Seoul’s website (www.seoul.go.kr).

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