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  • 120 Dasan Call Center Offering SNS Services

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    120 Dasan Call Center now offers its 24-hour information service on SNS as well. (Twitter@120seoulcall & me2day http://me2day.net/120seoulcall)

    120 Dasan Call Center offering the SNS Service , Celebrating the 40-millionth call at the 120 Dasan Call Center

    The information provided by the call center ranges from traffic, transportation and public utility issues, including subway breakdowns, power outages, water supply disruptions, traffic advice on heavy snowfall or rain, and the extended operation of public transport, to the great variety of events taking place in Seoul.

    Citizens have so far shown a very positive response to the service, stating that it is faster and more up-to-date than any other news or information media. This resounding success has been made possible by feeding the latest data required for the provision of an up-to-the-minute information service directly into the center on a real-time basis.

    In the meantime, the Dasan Call Center received its 40 millionth telephone inquiry on April 18, some five years and three months after the service was launched in January 2007.

    – The individual who made that historic call at 15:30 on April 16 was inquiring about a fee charged for late payment of a water bill, which she thought was unjustified. She said, “I am very satisfied with the 120 Center service. The service was quick and accurate, and the representative was very kind.”

    – The 120 Dasan Call Center is staffed with 524 service representatives (as of March 2012) who provide 24-hour call services using information supplied from more than 25,000 databases. The number of telephone calls to the center has increased sharply, rising from 1,184 a day immediately following the center’s launch to 38,000 a day at present, representing a 32-fold increase. The level of satisfaction with the city government’s call service has also improved significantly, rising from a score of 41.6 before the establishment of Dasan Call Center to over 95 out of 100 at present.