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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Sewol Ferry, We Will Never Forget.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 610]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1991

    I would like to bring up a topic for us all to talk about and think over throughout the week, and I hope that everyone keeps it in mind when on their way to work in the morning.

    The Sewol Ferry tragedy has left us with many questions, and I hope that we can find answers to these questions this week.

    I hope that this will be a time for us to resolve to act without forgetting.

    I also make a resolution to act, once again, through my choice of background image and profile picture on my social networking website, as well as by making the first post after the tragedy on April 16.

    We are sorry. We are truly sorry…

    About the fact that the Sewol Ferry tragedy, which should not have occurred, actually happened, leaving us with 295 victims, 9 missing, and 172 survivors;

    About the fact that it made the families of the missing make the saddest wish in the world—to wish that they were one of the families of the deceased;

    About the fact that the truth of this horrible tragedy, which will be remembered forever, still has not been ascertained.

    We will remember…

    The broken hearts of the families of the missing who wish to be one of the families of the deceased;

    The voices of the people of our nation, requesting that the truth be revealed to give the families of the victims some closure;

    The reason for the existence of a political system that declares, “A nation must cherish the lives of its people;”

    The righteous actions of the late crew member Park Ji-yeong, teacher Choi Hye-jung, and other passengers who did what they could until the very end;

    The devotion and sacrifice of volunteers all across the nation who were united by their sadness, anger, and shame.

    We pledge and resolve to act…

    To do my best as the Mayor of Seoul to console the families of the victims and do what I can for the survivors;

    To do my best as the head of a family and a father of a son and a daughter to find those who are still missing;

    To always consider the role and the reason for the existence of a nation, and act on it as an administrator and a politician.

    It’s not over until it’s over.

    And we will keep hoping for the nine people who have yet to return to us.

    Teacher Yang Seung-jin
    Teacher Ko Chang-seok
    Kwon Jae-geun and Kwon Hyeok-gu (father and son)
    Ms. Lee Yeong-suk

    #SewolFerry #WeWillNeverForget #What_is_the_role_and_the_reason_for_the_existence_of_a_nation? #ParkWonSoon #Seoul