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  • 11,172 Korean Alphabets to Be Inscribed at the Hangeul Character Zone at Sejongno Park

  • Integrated News SMG 2471

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government finalized the design of the Hangeul Character Zone, which is being created at Sejongno Park by the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, after a review by the Seoul Design Committee held on July 13.

    Korean alphabets to be inscribed on stones, which are handwritten by people, 
Artist’ concept of Hangeul Character Zone

    The Hangeul Character Zone is designed to provide citizens with a place for rest and relaxation, and to promote the scientific value and convenience of Korean alphabet to nationals and foreigners. The space will be created by installing rectangular stones inscribed with a total of 11,172 Korean alphabets that can be consisted of through combinations of choseong (19 initial syllables), jungseong (21 middle vowels), and jongseong (28 final syllables).

    Rather than incorporating special design features, the stones will feature characters composed of handwriting (calligraphy) written manually by 11,172 people from all walks of life, including nationals, ethnic Koreans from overseas, foreign residents in Korea, and people from multicultural families.

    In addition, the floor will be decorated with lattice-like forms resembling letters of the Korean alphabet such as ‘ㄱ’, ‘ㄹ’, ‘ㅁ’, and ‘ㅂ’. As a special practical feature, stones inscribed with Korean alphabet will be created to measure height that is convenient for people to seat in or lean on.

    The Hangeul Character Zone is slated for completion in October. Once completed, it is expected to serve as a space where citizens can relax and experience the excellence of Korean alphabet.