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  • 109 Scenic Fall Foliage Paths in Seoul

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    Take a walk in the city with family, friends and lover while enjoying the beautiful fall foliage. The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that the fall foliage will reach its peak on October 30 at Bukhansan Mountain and early November for other areas around the city. Here is our list of 109 Scenic Fall Foliage Paths in Seoul which stretches across 184.62 kilometers.

    The 109 fall foliage paths are divided into the four themes of ① Fall Foliage along the Water, ②Fall Foliage for Outings, ③ Fall Foliage at Parks and ④ Fall Foliage on Walking Paths.

    Check out the ‘109 Fall Foliage Paths in Seoul’ on the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) website (http://www.seoul.go.kr/story/autumn).

    Between October 23 and mid-November, the fallen leaves will not be swept at the 109 locations, so that citizens can enjoy the unique experience of walking while stepping on the fallen leaves.

    Recommended Fall Foliage Paths

    1. Fall Foliage along the Water (18 locations)

    Great for leisurely walks minus the cars, these paths offer an uninterrupted view of water and fall foliage. Most of the paths lie upon top of a bank path by a stream.

    Fall Foliage along the Water (18 locations) table
    ○ Songjeong Levee Songjeong Levee (Seongdonggyo Bride-Gunjagyo Bridge) is famous for the 3.2 kilometer-long dense forest and the 5.6 kilometer-long Jungnangcheon Levee Path is filled with well-praised fall foliage.
    Songjeong Levee
    ○ Hancheon-ro at Uicheon Bank Hancheon-ro at Uicheon Bank (Sinchanggyo Bridge-Wolgye 2-gyo Bridge) is famous for its straight path surrounded with gorgeous fall foliage. Anyangcheon Walking Path located across Guro-gu and Geumcheon-gu and Yeouiseo-ro (old Yunjung-ro) formed around Yeouido Saetgang River is also famous for their fall foliage.
    Hancheon-ro at Uicheon Bank
    ○ Anyangcheon Bank Path This is a walking path formed along Anyangcheon Stream (Yangpyeonggyo Bridge-Sinjeonggyo Bridge) stretching over 3.2 kilometers featuring various wild flowers. The path also has a bike lane.
    Anyangcheon Bank Path

    2. Fall Foliage for Outings (13 locations)

    These paths are ideal for visiting with family, lover, or friends because they are conveniently located near restaurants, shopping districts and other attractions.

    Fall Foliage for Outings (13 locations) table
    ○ Samcheongdong-gil Samcheongdong-gil (Dongsipjagak-Samcheong Tunnel) is lined with splendid ginkgo and zelkova trees. Visit the galleries, workshops and cafes near Gyeongbokgung Palace and Samcheong-dong and relax in Samcheong Park.
    Songjeong Levee
    ○ Deoksugung-gil Deoksugung-gil (Daehanmun Gate-Kyunghyang Shinmun Building) is another walking path located in the middle of the city. Large maple leaves are pleasing to the eyes and cultural facilities are plentiful along the path that include Deoksugung Palace, Seoul Museum of Art and Jeongdong Theater.
    Hancheon-ro at Uicheon Bank
    ○ Itaewon-ro Visit Itaewon-ro (Samgakji Station-Noksapyeong Station) to enjoy foreign delicacies at the trendy Gyeongnidan-gil or Haebangchon Village. Walk toward the Hyatt Hotel if you would like to proceed to walking on Namsan Walking Path.
    ○ Cheonggyecheon Stream ○ Cheonggyecheon Stream Cheonggyecheon Stream is a great fall foliage path featuring Asian fringe trees. Gwanghwamun Gate, Dongdaemun Gate and Seoul Folk Flea Market in Sinseol-dong are nearby, making the path an excellent choice for those who wish to shop along the way.
    Cheonggyecheon Stream

    3. Fall Foliage at parks (20 locations)

    If you want to see fall foliage on a grander scale, try large parks in the city such as Namsan, Ttukseom Seoul Forest and Songpanaru Park. The Olympic Park in Songpa-gu is over 20 years old has attributing to its many tall trees and the World Cup Park in Sangam-dong is famous for the well-known Haneul Park.

    A table of Fall Foliage at parks (20 locations)
    ○ North Walking Path at Namsan Mountain North Walking Path at Namsan Mountain is a hugely famous fall foliage destination in Korea. Seniors and the disable can access the path thanks to the pedestrian-exclusive road.
    North Walking Path at Namsan Mountain
    ○ Seoul Forest Seoul Forest is a dense forest by the Hangang River. The gingko tree forest is lovely to visit in person and great as a photo-taking spot as well.
    Seoul Forest
    ○ Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Yangjae Citizen’s Forest and the nearby cultural park has a large and impressive metasequoia path.
    Yangjae Citizen’s Forest
    ○ Songpanaru Neighborhood Park ○ Songpanaru Neighborhood Park (Seokchon Lake) offers a great fall foliage path and is also near Lotte World. Spend a weekend here with your children.
    Songpanaru Neighborhood Park

    4. Fall Foliage on Walking Paths (54 locations)

    Mountains and walking paths in Seoul including Gwanaksan and Bukhansan mountains were selected as locations where people can hike to enjoy the fresh air and fall foliage.

    ○ Gwanaksan Mountain is one of the places to first display fall foliage in Seoul featuring a famous walking path by the entrance of Gwanaksan Mountain (2㎞) by the front gate of Seoul National University.

    ○ Walkerhill-ro at Gwangjin-gu (Achasan Ecology Park-Walkerhill Hotel) has a wooden deck for seniors and the disabled for easy access.

    ○ There are also many fall foliage paths on the hike to the summit of Bukhansan Mountain. Noteworthy among them are 4.19-gil and Insubong-gil in Gangbuk-gu and Jinheung-ro in Eunpyeong-gu.

    • Ansan Park in Seodaemun-guAnsan Park in Seodaemun-gu
    • Jeungsan-ro in Eungyeong-guJeungsan-ro in Eungyeong-gu
    • Walkerhill-ro in Gwangjin-guWalkerhill-ro in Gwangjin-gu

    Photos of Fall Foliage Paths in Seoul

    Naksan Park Path by Mokdong Apartment 9-danji in Yangcheon-gu
    ▴ Naksan Park ▴ Path by Mokdong Apartment 9-danji in Yangcheon-gu
    Path by Seokchon Lake in Songpa-gu Olympic Park
    ▴ Path by Seokchon Lake in Songpa-gu ▴ Olympic Park
    Yeouido Park Path by Yangjaecheon Stream
    ▴ Yeouido Park ▴ Path by Yangjaecheon Stream
    Haneul Park Yangjaecheon Path
    ▴ Haneul Park ▴ Yangjaecheon Path